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The Mosquito Whisperer

First there was the Horse Whisperer. And that boy “I see dead people.” And of course, the ever-stunning, Ghost Whisperer. And now, in the Young family, we have our very own otherworldly communicator…The Beast is speaking to creatures big and small. Like mosquitoes.

There was a bloodsucker hovering around her juicy plump leg. I shooed it and tried to slap it into oblivion.

“Bella, see the namu! I get it. Mummy will kill it!”

I was halted by an aggrieved shriek. “Mama noooooo! Dont hurt him – he’s my friend.”

Huh? Say what? “But Bella, he’s trying to bite you. He’s bad. He’s going to hurt you.”

Another shake of her head. Defiantly. “No mama, he’s tired. He’s resting on me!” And then she proceeded to sit there and speak soothing words to the mobile blood drop.

Okay. In 16 years of motherhood, Ive never heard that one before. Should I be impressed by her compassion for even the tiniest and peskiest of God’s creatures? Or vaguely freaked out by her communing with parasites?

I waited till she got bored and ran out to play. THEN I got the Mortein and wiped out every mozzie in breathing distance. And I didnt even feel guilty about it. Because I’m BAD like that. Just call me MK – the Mosquito Killer.

I only wish it was that easy to get rid off all my children’s friends that I dont approve of!

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  1. Is your baby's name Bella? Chasing the vampire bugs away from Bella…awww. Kids have the most adorable ideas about the most disgusting things.

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