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First Born of My Heart

Big Son turned eighteen the other day. I cried. (Of course.) He rejoiced. Of course. As we helped him celebrate the occasion with a social gathering of his friends (aka a party), I reflected on the journey I've taken with this first born child of my heart. There are pro's and con's about being the… Continue reading First Born of My Heart

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Being a Parent Sucks.

Sometimes it sucks being a parent. When they're babies, you cant wait for them to get big enough to make their own food, see to their own hygiene and possibly massage your feet and tell you what a wonderful mother you are. Then they grow up and start thinking for themselves and you wish they… Continue reading Being a Parent Sucks.

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The World according to a Beast

More evidence I'm a bad mother - the very NON.PC vocab of my 3yr old Beast. At her preschool she is ...* best friends with someone she calls, "Chinaboy." But darling, what's his name? "Chinaboy! I already tell you!" And then she catches sight of him arriving with his mum and she yells, "There he… Continue reading The World according to a Beast

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Stupid Shoes.

So today I was stupid and wore shoes like this to the mall.I traipsed around after my two teenagers while they spent their birthday money. Do you know how incredibly tiring / boring / painful it is to go shopping with people WHEN YOU'RE NOT THE ONE BUYING ANYTHING? I never noticed it before. I… Continue reading Stupid Shoes.

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I Want your Power.

Can you beat the Crunch?I covet the powers of a rugby league coach. Today I went to another of Little Son's league games and I am in awe of the man who trains them. Imagine if you will - 13 boys all as hyper and (rotten) as my Little son.And yet, this man has them… Continue reading I Want your Power.

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The Favorite.

Ask just about any parent if they have a 'favorite' child - and they will usually bluster until they're blue in the face, that NO, of course not. Dont be ridiculous. I love all my children equally. Exactly the same.I'm going to risk death and dismemberment and say - they're lying. Big time. It is… Continue reading The Favorite.

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Rock this Tooth Fairy

The truth hurts.I can be a really horrible person. And a nasty mother.My 7yr old son is very fiapoko. That means - he's a little knowitall. He argues with his teacher. Contradicts his father. Corrects his mother. Mutters under his breath at his big brother. And generally irritates us all to death. So much that… Continue reading Rock this Tooth Fairy

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People that make me laugh, cry and just think.

So I do a lot of blog hopping. And lurking. Some of my fave blogsites are those where people chart their journeys through the crazy world of parenting. Ones that either make me laugh, cringe sympathetically, or get rejuvenated to keep plodding along on my own mad mother road. I appreciate good writers who take… Continue reading People that make me laugh, cry and just think.

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Zumba YOU.

Last nite I went to my first Zumba class. You know those people who are smooth and sexy on the dancefloor? Who can execute every step with effortless grace and make it all look so incredibly easy? And who can join the instructor on the front stage and strut, shake and boogie with confidence and… Continue reading Zumba YOU.

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I have sinned.

On Sundays I go to a Parenting class at church. Instead of going to Sunday School. Because I usually havent done the scripture reading assignment for Sunday school. Because Ive been too lazy busy. Anyway, its a great class where we learn lots of great stuff about how to be better parents. Yesterday's topic was… Continue reading I have sinned.