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Warrior Breasts of Steel

She's bad... She must be a Mum.Breastfeeding - all the health professionals agreee its the very bestest thing on the planet. It makes babies healthier, smarter, more germ resistant, and better looking. ( okay so i made the last one up). It even makes mothers healthier, more cancer resistant and better looking. (I definitely made… Continue reading Warrior Breasts of Steel

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The Mosquito Whisperer

First there was the Horse Whisperer. And that boy "I see dead people." And of course, the ever-stunning, Ghost Whisperer. And now, in the Young family, we have our very own otherworldly communicator...The Beast is speaking to creatures big and small. Like mosquitoes. There was a bloodsucker hovering around her juicy plump leg. I shooed… Continue reading The Mosquito Whisperer

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Things that keep me awake at night – Questions.

In 2002, a 14 yr old girl called Elizabeth Smart was abducted at knifepoint from her bed in the middle of the night by man called Brian Mitchell. Her abductor took her to his forest hideout where he lived with his ‘wife’. Elizabeth commented later, “I thought maybe they took me because they had no… Continue reading Things that keep me awake at night – Questions.