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Sweet Talk.

Do you want cookies with that book?

Are you a blog lurker? A person who stops by for a quick read every now and then and then tip toes away without a sound?! – So am I. I frequent several different blog spots where i can read, laugh, think and go Hmmmmm… But do I click the FOLLOW button? Or announce my presence by saying ‘Hi’? No. Just like in real flesh and blood life, I am an online hermit. Just keepin to myself.

Well, thats about to change. My (very bossy) teenage son JB has just finished lecturing me about being anti-social, unfriendly, mean and plain ole hermitlike. I have been sorely chastened. He has challenged me to break the silence and BE MORE FRIENDLY AND OUTGOING. Online and in life.

So here it goes. I am inviting conversation. And social interaction. (However painful it may be for me. And you) Im inviting you to :

1. Stand tall and click the FOLLOW button. So that way I’ll know who you are when we’re both standing in the aisle at PaknSave. And that way, I can hop on over to YOUR blog. And lurk in dark corners…

2. Say hi next time you stop by. Leave me a comment. Tell us what you love to hate. What you love to read. Whats got you staying up sleepless and cruizing the blog world?

And just to show you that Im a lovely person who is serious about being a reformed hermit – the name of every confirmed FOLLOWER of this blog will go into a draw to win a FREE copy of the book
“Pacific Tsunami – Galu Afi”

which i will personally mail out to you. Draw happens on April 31st, so you’ve got a few more days to get brave enough to give up your lurking ways and come in from the cold. And if the winner lives in the Land of the Long White Cloud, you can opt to get couriered to your door – 2 dozen of my very super yummiest homemade Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies INSTEAD of a book. (Oooh thats a tough choice. I just might have to go for the cookies. Cant eat a book with a glass of milk at 2am. When you’re up late. Blogging. Or lurking.)

Read about the book ‘Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi’ here:

9 thoughts on “Sweet Talk.”

  1. uh oh…caught! you just described one of my bad habits right here…tiptoeing all over the place for a read and then quietly venture onto next one (: ..but, in my defence, i do click 'like' when i like what I'm reading here, all the time (:

  2. Aha a fellow-lurker revealed! LOL And i always do appreciate your LIKE feedback when you do Ms Goddess. Now that you're out in the open, maybe we'll read more comments from you in the future. (when you have a spare moment in between the craziness of motherhood and everything else ay)

  3. How about if we already got the book but wouldn't mind 2dozens of them cookies??? hehe..but then the time they get to Hawaii ua uma le fresh o cookies..aahhhhhh

  4. I hear you Chris and Kuaback – all the comments Im getting about cookies – I think maybe I could have a bright future if i set up a mail order cookie service?! I could be the next Mrs Fields in NZ…Hmmm…food for thought.

  5. So glad you could join us Elizabeth! And yes, just in time. Fingers crossed….An shouting from the rooftops, a reminder to all you blog lurkers and even one-time visitors – you've got 3 days left before the competition closes. Follow us today and be in to win a free copy of 'Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi'. (Or some delicious choc chip cookies…)

  6. Daang missed my opportunity to score a copy of your book! My Dad buys Samoan DVDs and just recently I stopped to watch with him the latest addition to his collection. The DVD ended with with an article on the launch of a book entitled Pacific Tsunami by Lani Wendt Young. I had heard of Albert Wendt of course so I was looking to see if their was a connection. When you gave your speech I was really impressed. You were nervous yes, but at the same time I sensed quiet confidence and truly expressed yourself beautifully. I loved the whole ie toga analogy. Your Wendt ancestory is synonymous indeed with story telling as Jo Kiel said, but their was something in the way you spoke which told me that you were also LDS which I have learnt to be correct through your blog of which I'm now a loyal follower. I leave the country for 3 weeks and you go and launch the competition to get a free copy of your book. Oh well please let me know where I can purchase a copy from as I am keen to have a copy on my book shelf. Thanks for the thoughts from the quiet side of midnight…keep em coming coz I'll definitely keep reading.Faafetai lava, manuia tele.Sorry this is alot more than a comment…

  7. Thank you 'Samoan Springs' for the beautiful feedback. Always appreciate hearing from fellow bloggers and writers like yourself especially. Sorry you missed out on the April draw, but Im putting up a May draw in the next day or so – keep your eye out for that one. Alternatively, you can email me at : and I'll send you ordering details for within NZ.

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