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A piano fell on my head today.

I was sitting in church looking around ( from the depths of the back rows where I always creep in and hide) when suddenly it hit me.I've been coming to this particular congregation for a year now. A whole year. And I don't even know who half of these people are. In fact, I dont… Continue reading A piano fell on my head today.

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Six Sleepless Favorites

As 2011 wraps up, it's that time of year when everybody and their donkey's aunt starts compiling lists. Today marks the official anniversary of the Young and Restless Family's move from Samoa to NZ. Daaayuum we made it! One year. Looking back over a year of blogging and more blogging, I realized that this blog… Continue reading Six Sleepless Favorites

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Telesa – Auckland Launch Night

Last night my book Telesa was launched here in Auckland, NZ at an event jointly hosted by Auck. Univ of Technology and Auckland University. It was an evening of poetry, dance, music and Pasifika-style celebration with Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh giving the keynote address, a Telesa siva performance by AU graduate Filoi Vaila'au, music from… Continue reading Telesa – Auckland Launch Night

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Tattoo Time: Ezra Taylor and a TELESA Thank you.

It's Tattoo Time again. And today, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have been so supportive and encouraging of the e-launching of my new book TELESA:The Covenant Keeper. Whether you're buying the book, spreading the telesa word to friends and family, following the blog book tour, posting online reviews, or having… Continue reading Tattoo Time: Ezra Taylor and a TELESA Thank you.

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A Rare Good Day to be a Writer

                                                           Let's live dangerously...So this morning my cousin in New York, Facebooks me - "Congratulations on your prize! Awesome!" I message her back. (Somewhat shamefacedly.) "Umm, I didnt… Continue reading A Rare Good Day to be a Writer

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Does Your Family read your Blog?

Lani Wendt Young has been blogging long enough now that just about everything that happens in my life makes my eyes narrow, my bloggerbrain train wheels chug, and KaChing! I have an idea for a new blog post. Which means, my husband now prefaces things with..."Dont you dare blog about THIS, okay?! And my teenagers… Continue reading Does Your Family read your Blog?

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This One’s For YOU.

I love Awesome Blog Readers!I've officially reached 100 blog followers and hit 245 blogposts - and I wanted to thank all those who continue to support my blogging efforts with your visits, engaging comments and encouraging feedback. I know that many of you have shared Sleepless links and recommended this blog to your family and… Continue reading This One’s For YOU.

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How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips

There are professional bloggers. They have a cast of thousands following them, hanging on their every word. They feature in TIME magazine, get interviewed on Oprah and earn golden dollars from their blogging. At the other end of the spectrum, is me. And bloggers like me. We start a blog because we have a few… Continue reading How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips

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The Problem with Birth Control.

I am one of six children. When I was a self-obsessed teenager and sick to bits of my younger siblings, I asked my mum one day - "Why didnt you stop having babies after me?" She must have been having a rough day. Because she snarled, "I did."Huh?"That one was a broken condom. That one… Continue reading The Problem with Birth Control.

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A New (Sleepless) World Order.

My friend Reesa in the blogging world has a blog called "My Organized Confusion" ( check it out today, you'll leave smiling.) Her blog title has inspired me. As have lots of other blogs that are organized. Structured. Disciplined. So today, I am announcing my intention to assert some kind of ORDER upon this jumbled… Continue reading A New (Sleepless) World Order.