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The Hermit Leaves the Cave to go on Television

We all know I'm a social recluse. With rather pitiful social skills. Which are sorely tested whenever I have to leave my cave and do stuff like an interview on the TVNZ Good Morning Show. So how did it all come about?Blogging is a miraculous thing. And social networks can be far-reaching and super connecting… Continue reading The Hermit Leaves the Cave to go on Television

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Virtual Online Love

My mother is a powerhouse of creativity and I owe much of who I am - to her. It's no accident that my Telesa series centers around beautiful, strong, vibrant and powerful women because that's the kind of mother I've been blessed with. Both my parents are incredibly supportive of my writing efforts... in their… Continue reading Virtual Online Love

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"I dont want to remember. It’s too hard."

Some of you know that two years ago I was commissioned by Hans Joe Keil to write a book about the tsunami that hit Samoa, American Samoa and the Northern islands of Tonga. "Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi" was released last year on the anniversary of the disaster which wiped out entire villages and killed 189… Continue reading "I dont want to remember. It’s too hard."

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Reckless and Foolishly Brave.

Having an impossible writing goal - and then being crazy ( and dumb enough) to believe in it - can achieve writing impossibility. I should know. When I wrote my first book - "Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi" - I had a boss. I was a fulltime employed writer. I got paid to research, interview, write,… Continue reading Reckless and Foolishly Brave.

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We Have a Winner! Or Two.

Its the end of the craziest month of the year ( when all the craziest people are born) and a huge thank you goes out to all those who FOLLOW this blog...or LURK in its dark corners...or stop by for a quick peek once in a while... Ranting, raving and contemplating on here helps keep… Continue reading We Have a Winner! Or Two.

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Sweet Talk.

... Do you want cookies with that book?Are you a blog lurker? A person who stops by for a quick read every now and then and then tip toes away without a sound?! - So am I. I frequent several different blog spots where i can read, laugh, think and go Hmmmmm... But do I… Continue reading Sweet Talk.