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A New (Sleepless) World Order.

My friend Reesa in the blogging world has a blog called “My Organized Confusion” ( check it out today, you’ll leave smiling.) Her blog title has inspired me. As have lots of other blogs that are organized. Structured. Disciplined. So today, I am announcing my intention to assert some kind of ORDER upon this jumbled mess of ramblings. I have to tell you about it. Or else my goal will end up along the highway of other dreams…weightloss goals, new and improved me visions, profanity free speech ideals…Roadkill.

So here it goes, a schedule for Sleepless in Samoa.

Monday – Mother Madness: Where I get to embarass my Fab5 children with complaints, praise, whines and whinges.

Tuesday – ‘TELESA’ Day: Anything and everything to do with the YA urban fantasy romance series that is slowly but surely preparing to take flight into the world.

Wednesday – Little House on the Prairie Day. (Otherwise known as, I wanna be best friends with Martha Stewart.)Recipes for success and disaster. Adventures in Domestic Bliss.

Thursday – Whatever the heck i want day.

Friday – Passionate People Feature. Where I invite different amazing people in the blogging world to stop by and share their passions with us. Everything from art / writing / photography / music / cooking / books / parenting to Marvel Comics and Sonny Bill Williams.

Weekends – Get real. What am I? Superwoman? Weekends are for snapping at my children. Watching league games in the freezing winter rain and mud. Baking too many dessert options. Trying to make it to the full three hours of church. Without killing somebody.

There you have it. Some organization applied to my confusion! Yaay!. Now lets just see if i can stick to it…

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