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The Fabulous Fruit Salad: A Selection of Delicious Blogs.

Samoa is the best place to make fresh fruit salad. Ripe bananas – sunshine fingers of yellow, red papaya, juicy mangoes, the tart sweetness of pineapple, a sprinkle of grated coconut and a dash of lime. Chill and serve. Today is the first of my Fabulous Fruit Salad posts – where I serve you with a delicious array of blog posts carefully picked from all the bloggers I am currently stalking. You may already be following some of them, maybe not. To read more of each, just click on the highlighted blogger’s name. If you enjoy it, then there’s your chance to discover another fabulous blogger This week’s theme is …
Thought-Provoking Stuff about ‘What does it mean to be Samoan?’ Identity and finding our way.

From Laura Toailoa, a young woman confronts the stereotypes. “Generally, Samoans are associated with domestic violence, fresh-ness, unintelligence, poverty and a whole lot of negative stuff. Esp. the Samoans living in South Auckland.”

The ever brutally honest woman Under the Coconut Tree asks ‘who am I’ and tells us how she has evolved from a ‘Samoan who couldnt speak Samoan’ to one with a malu who gives everything all the time “to the dead people”.

Man-Blogger LV talks about expressing affection when you’re Samoan. We can shout it on Facebook but in person? ummmm…help!

Man-blogger Seti Matua writes a powerfully moving piece about how ‘we are all in the same fautasi’.

And a Afakasi in NZ talks about brown and white and rampant racism. Paul Henry and THAT interview were a “very real reflection” of a lot of people in NZ who are of the view that “if you fall outside the category of white middle-upper class and do not speak Kiwi, or Posh Kiwi…you have no real claim to belonging to NZ.”

While a mum in Samoa, Rebecca Lolo gives us an insight into how basketball is played ‘Samoan-style’, crooked refs, cheating and of course the spectator fighting! And we keep going back for more…Like ‘a dog to his vomit.’

Finally a piece of Essential Reading for (Lustful) Fun.
OHMIGOSH Jen over at Kuaback blah blah’d about how she got to meet Johnny Depp. And he’s nice to children and little old ladies. And friendly and accessible. And Im sooooo jealous. And I know that he’s really sorry he didnt get to meet me too.(seeing as how I am his biggest sleepless Samoan fan. Truly. And literally.)

Thanks everyone for continuing to provide great reading for all of us! Check back next week for another Fabulous Fruit Salad of Blog Posts from around the world.

2 thoughts on “The Fabulous Fruit Salad: A Selection of Delicious Blogs.”

  1. Hi Ms Wendt! Though I guess you prefer Lani now? hehe 🙂 Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs… I'll be adding them to my follow list! It's great to see so many Samoan brothers and sisters share their journeys in the blogosphere. And I absolutely love yours – thank you too for sharing your family stories, insights and thoughts with us! It's awesome! 🙂

  2. Hi Ulalei! Great to have you join us at Sleepless. I love discovering other blogs from Samoan and Pacific writers so thought i would share a few of them on here. Always appreciate getting feedback from readers…esp if theyre ex-students!

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