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That’s Rubbish.

Snuggly Teddy bears of Love everywhere. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy!

“When I grow up, I want to be the person who picks up rubbish along the road.” Announced the Princess.

We are driving down the road, just me and her. Her lifegoal catches me off guard. “Umm, okay. Why?”

“Because there’s so much rubbish everywhere. Look at that…and see over there? People just throw their rubbish everywhere and dont care about the environment. Dont they know about recycling? Theyre polluting the world!” She is very serious. Determined. Aggrieved as she points at trash fluttering in the wind by the roadside.

Now I’ve had children tell me they want to drive buses and forklifts, catch robbers, bungeejump off the SkyTower, sing on American Idol, and marry Brad Pitt (oops, that was me.) But being a rubbish picker is a first. And a career in rubbish NOT because it looks fun and exciting – but because the aforementioned child is moved with environmental concern. I drive and I think of how I can channel this green awareness. I could say, well why dont you start by picking up all the junk on the floor in your bedroom! But, I’m trying to be a good mother today. The kind that listens. Inspires. Uplifts. Bonds. Connects with her children. Life will be filled with big snuggly teddy bears of love today…

“Yes, its very sad that so many people throw their rubbish everywhere.But you know, there’s lots of other things you could do to help fix that. Like, you could grow up and be a scientist and invent packaging that just goes ZAP and disappears when people finish using it – then there wouldn’t be any rubbish! Or how about being a teacher that teaches kids everywhere how important it is to recycle and not throw rubbish around?” I’m really getting into it now. Im on a roll. Damn, Im a good mother… “I know, how about you use your singing talent to sing songs about rubbish and recycling and when you’re famous, lots of kids will listen to you! And wouldnt it be fun to be an inventor and come up with a special gun that blasts rubbish and then we could drive along the road like we are now, point and BANG – no more rubbish! Wouldnt that be cool?”

The Princess gives me that look. The one that says, ‘You’re my mother and I love you, but sometimes you really have no clue about anything’ Then she nods placatingly. Like I’M the child.

“Yes, that’s very cool mum. But when I grow up, I’m going to be the person who picks up rubbish on the road.”

I give up. I’m raising an environmental warrior who thinks I’m an idiot. And I’m suffocating in Big snuggly Teddy Bears of love everywhere. I snarl suggest sweetly, “Well maybe you should start by picking up all the rubbish on the floor in your bedroom?”

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  1. Lol. Great post. Some kids don't care about the environment. It's awesome that your environmental warrior does!

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