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An Author Meets a Gladiator.

In the weekend I was a guest speaker at a super awesome conference that targeted Pacific youth in South Auckland. Organized by Accelerating Aotearoa, their aim is to help connect young people with potential careers and training opportunities and other really useful stuff like that. I was honored to be invited and put a lot… Continue reading An Author Meets a Gladiator.

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More Ways to Embarrass Your Children

                       No event is complete without lots of these... Big Son is getting a prize at his Senior Prizegiving this week. He thinks it's either the History Prize. Or the award for First in his class. Or both. I said it might be for 'The Boy… Continue reading More Ways to Embarrass Your Children

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That’s Rubbish.

Snuggly Teddy bears of Love everywhere. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy!"When I grow up, I want to be the person who picks up rubbish along the road." Announced the Princess.We are driving down the road, just me and her. Her lifegoal catches me off guard. "Umm, okay. Why?""Because there's so much rubbish everywhere. Look… Continue reading That’s Rubbish.

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The World according to a Beast

More evidence I'm a bad mother - the very NON.PC vocab of my 3yr old Beast. At her preschool she is ...* best friends with someone she calls, "Chinaboy." But darling, what's his name? "Chinaboy! I already tell you!" And then she catches sight of him arriving with his mum and she yells, "There he… Continue reading The World according to a Beast