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That’s Delicious

The theme for this week’s selection of blogs that I stalk…is FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD. Hmmm… If you read my blog then you know that I love to bake stuff. I suck at regular cooking of regular food but I’m kinda kickass when it comes to baking. Especially desserts. This is of course, because that’s what I like to eat the mostest. I blame this weakness on my dad. Every time he finished a meal, he would remark wistfully, “I feel like something sweet now.” And then my supermum would always have some kind of dessert option available. So I guess I can blame my weakness on her too. If any of you know my mum, then you will know that she is the shining star in the firmament of all things cooking related. While I am just a tiny little meteorite bumbling along in the dark…

I love the internet because it is the greatest tool in the kitchen. When Im stuck for ideas, when I have no clue how many grams of sugar are in a cup, when I only have 3 potatoes and a can of tuna and dont know what to make…then i turn to the fountain of all wisdom and knowledge. Google. In doing so, I have discovered many sites that are a treasure for a busy parent. Here’s a few of them:

All Is the first go-to site for me. If you havent been there, then you must not cook much. Over there thousands of people share their recipes and then other people review them. That way you can find out if the recipes actually work in real life. Real kitchens. Not just for that celebrity chef on tv with hordes of minions who chop and stir for them. This site has some cool features. Including INGREDIENT search. You tap in what you’ve got in your cupboard (and what you dont got) and then it will search for all the possible recipes you can use those ingredients for. Very helpful when you’re getting to the end of the week and havent done your grocery shopping yet.

Gluten Free Goddess Two of my children were following a gluten free and dairy free diet which meant they were stuck with eating plastic most of the time. This site is the best for amazing recipes that really work. And Karina takes gorgeous photos too which always have me salivating.

The Joy of Baking Growing up, my mum had a giant cookbook (heavier than the hugest family Bible) called the Joy of Cooking. No pictures. Just recipes. It really was the cooking Bible. Gives you all the basics. None of this airy fairy photoshopped stuff. This site is a spin off of that cookbook, except its got all the photos you can feast on. And its ONLY baking. ONLY desserts. I love it. Check out the sticky date pudding recipe on here. Its wicked. And easy.

Edmonds Cookbook Okay, so you’re a complete kitchen idiot if you’ve never heard of the Edmonds cookbook. This is their website. Dependable, realistic recipes. Nothing too exotic or exciting. But then, when you’ve got 5 kids – can you really expect excitement and exotic to happen everyday?

Polynesian Kitchen I confess I was never much interested in Samoan/island recipes when i was living in Samoa. My housekeeper made all the Samoan food. I just made desserts. ( I was a spoilt brat. Shoot me.) But once i moved here? Ha. All of a sudden I needed to know how to make kokorice. And faiai eleni. And all that stuff. Especially since the Beast kept bugging me…”I want koko rice like Vale makes! Wheres Vale? How come you dont make kokorice like Vale?!” (Dammnit. And damn Vale and her kokorice!) If you need some Poly style tips – the Poly kitchen is a good place to start.

Fix Me A Snack This woman does recipes for a range of healthy snacks for the family. She manages to get her kids to eat all sorts of (weird) interesting stuff. I like the site because it reminds me that there are OTHER options out there rather than the usual..’eat a peanut butter sandwich and go away’…’buy your sister some fries so she will stop crying that shes hungry’… Some of her ideas are really cool and sooo simple.

Kids Lunchboxes I hate making kids school lunches. Hate em hate em. This site has some good ideas if you’re full of enthusiasm and want to be a good mother. Otherwise – shove the kids out the door with two dollars. Or tell them to be like my Big son and trade homework for burgers. Or like my Little Son who somehow canoodles people into giving him lunch money. ( very suspicious but Im too tired to investigate.)

Hope you can find some good cooking ideas in here. I’m off to make apple pie and custard.

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  1. Lani, we are a match made in heaven. Books and food are certainly a weakness of mine. Luckily I have that good Asian gene that keeps me from bursting from the seams of my pants!

  2. Thanks for the tip Cindy – Foodblog Search sounds especially promising!Lan – i am incredibly envious of your Asian genes…not fair. Cant i pleeease swap some of my big fat samoan ones for some of yours pleeease with lamingtons on top?!

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