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Etiquette Tip 3 for Newly Published First Time Authors

Tip Three

When you see a random stranger reading your book – in a library/mall/church/prison/bus – dont accost them, introduce yourself, offer to sign their copy and gush your love for their impeccable taste in literature. Don’t invite yourself to sit with them so you can give them the page by page account of how you wrote the book, the universe-imploding reasons why you placed that semi-colon just so on pg 13 or why your heroine was drinking Cherry Coke instead of Diet in that chmistry laden restaurant scene. Don’t share with them the agonizing journey you undertook to get that book published. The agents you badgered, the times you considered setting your manuscript on fire, the query letters you sweat blood to compose, the curses you screamed every time you got a rejection email ( followed by the weeping and gnashing of teeth.Oh, and the salubrious amounts of Doritos and ice cream you consumed to suffocate your sorrows with.)
No. When you see a random stranger reading your book, just walk on by. Because once they get to know you ( and your personality) they just might change their minds about wanting to buy your next book.

6 thoughts on “Etiquette Tip 3 for Newly Published First Time Authors”

  1. 🙂 I'm loving the tips! I just watched a movie with Alex Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Gellar about a girl who dreams to be an Editor at a publishing firm and falls in love with a famous author that helps her find her identity in her career. All these tips remind me of scenes from the movie. It's called Suburban Girl. @LyfesLyrics

  2. That's three for three tips that I will mostly likely fail! Surely there has to be a reader somewhere who would appreciate some author intrusion? It makes sense to stay away. It will be hard though!

  3. Hey Lifes Lyrics – thanks for the movie tip. Will defn look out for that one.Ileandra i have to confess ( my deepest darkest secret) that yes, i stalked my book in a couple of bookstores. Unobtrusively of course. And then pretended NOT to listen when they oohed and aahed it and chatted abt it. I reeeally wantd to kiss their feet and then jump up and down for joy. Oh the self-restraint required not to!Lan…refer to above. VERY hard. Big sigh!

  4. LOL at Anna. Well I read your blog so i can defn say that yes, I love you! (In a blog stalker kinda way) Im not so sure that MY personality would hold up to blog/book readers actually meeting me in real life though.

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