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This One’s For YOU.

I love Awesome Blog Readers!

I’ve officially reached 100 blog followers and hit 245 blogposts – and I wanted to thank all those who continue to support my blogging efforts with your visits, engaging comments and encouraging feedback. I know that many of you have shared Sleepless links and recommended this blog to your family and friends, thus making it a much more fun-filled experience for me to hang out here in the blogosphere as I have made so many new friends. Many of you are bloggers yourselves and I continue to learn from your writing (and I keep running to try and catch up with your blog-wonderfulness.)

Writing can be such a solitary activity and so the community found in blogging is something that I truly enjoy. Whether you are an out of the closet FOLLOWER of this blog or a LURKING regular visitor, please know that I appreciate you!

I especially want to send out a HUGE Sleepless in Samoa THANK YOU to the person who’s site is the largest individual director of blog traffic to my blog: Fotu who blogs at the Faikakala Blogspot

Fotu’s blog was the first Samoan woman’s blog that I ever read, waaaay back when I was just finding out what “blogging” was. I read through it and was in awe. She’s a captivating writer who expresses herself so honestly and fearlessly that I continue to hold her as one of my blogging role models. Thank you Fotu – for great writing and for being so generous with your support of my own blogging efforts.

I look forward to at least 240 more Sleepless in Samoa posts AND maybe even another hundred followers in the year to come…

Bloggers, why do you blog? Who was a blog inspiration for you? Readers, why do you read blogs? What keeps you going back to your favorites?

20 thoughts on “This One’s For YOU.”

  1. Yay for 100 followers! *standing ovation*Love reading your stuff. Witty and interesting. First Samoan blog I followed πŸ™‚ (Sina doesn't count. lol)

  2. Thank you Laura! Of course Sina counts – if it wasnt for her blog I wouldnt have found yours. Im still very in awe that a "teenager" can have the comittment and staying power to maintain a blog like you do. Not to dog on teenagrs or anything…but usually, writing and blogging consistently are not what they are famous for LOL.I appreciate the insight you give on the young and restless of 2011…

  3. Hi Lani! Congrats on 100 followers πŸ™‚ And thanks for the shoutout! You're most welcome regarding directing traffic here. My blog has been around long enough so that if you google Samoa it's usually in the 1st page of hits so people find me and then find you πŸ™‚ Here's to many more posts and followers! And to more Samoan bloggers!:)

  4. Just goes to show what one can achieve without sleep :)Big congrats, Lani! Late night working has become so much more enjoyable since finding your blog. Thanks for the laughs and insight and the (recently added) "graphics".You inticing lady, you…

  5. Congrats Lani!! What did I say about the fabulousness of your blog?? Write the way you do and they will come. All the more to party with when your book is a smashing success! So glad I am a stalker and stumbled upon your blog πŸ™‚

  6. I started blogging because of a friend of mine from another forum. She and I both loved reading, I always wanted to write a book blog and post reviews, so when she started a blog, it was like a jump start for me to start mine! I love to read about books, and about improving writing, that's why I read blogs. Plus you meet awesome people. ^_^

  7. First and foremost – congratulations on reaching 100 followers!. WOW!. such an achievement!. i hope to continue to learn more from experienced bloggers like yourself!. its been such an interesting journey thus far!. Sleepless was the first ever blog I came across & loved from the very start!. So I guess its no surprise that you are my biggest blogging inspiration. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs because I love hearing their everyday stories. & I especially love that we all can connect with and share these stories. I enjoy blogging because – it creates a space were I can express my own interests and fascinations. & its what all the 'cool' people do!. he he he he. j

  8. Well I must confess, I don't actually have a blog, just an avid blog follower aka stalker lol Although I have been tempted to start an anonymous one but with my sisters on the prowl, I doubt it'll stay anonymous for long (hello Laura and Bina!). Blogs are amazing for their honesty. The kind you can't get from just viewing someone's censored, cleansed and glossed up Facebook page. Congrats on reaching 100 followers!! This blog is fantastic, I'm not at all surprised. Before you know it, there'll be a 100 more. Guarantee it. x

  9. I must be cursed – another essay posted and vanished into cyber oblivion. Sigh.SO WHAT I WANTED TO SAY IS CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lol. Let's break out the champers (and kool aid for me) to another milestone in your blog life (certainly one I aspire to in the next 10 years or so). And I agree, Fotu's blog was also instrumental in my desire to write my own. May there be many more posts and many more followers to come!

  10. Thank you everyone for the blog love.Bina – your RockFob graphics are inspiring and have lead me to many graphically exciting paths of my own, all of them INTICING. LOL Thanks Lan – we forever editing and re-editing writers need to stick together. ( so we can commiserate AND celebrate)Jessica – I agree. I'm learning so much abt writing from avidly stalking other blogs and the friends Ive gained have been a huge bonus.JoAn – I like that people bring their own unique spin to their blogs. Yours for example, is a refreshingly different read because your arts and design inspired focus makes for a rich and vibrant blog. TeineSamoa – I had to find out from my little sister that you were reading my blog and then hunt your blog down in reverse with a little detective work. Glad that I did!Ooh everybody – Paige Kellerman blogs super funny stuff. I just stumbled on hers this week and you need to go check it out.Lilidonna – Yes, the honesty in a blog is a big drawcard for me as well. Thats what took me to CocoGirls and kept me returning. I worry sometimes that Im too honest and that one day my children will need many hours of therapy because they will read my ranting about them…CocoGirl – Want to hear my suggestion for disappearing comments? It happens so often to me that now, BEFORE i press the submit button, I will right click SELECT my comment, COPY and that way if it disappear? I can PASTE it back on a new comment form. ( Im so clever that its giving me a headache LOL) Yes, we defn need some champagne around here. The Diet Coke kind. Im coming to Samoa in 2 weeks and look fwd to drinking some with you in person.

  11. Congrats on the 100 followers!! I'm new to blogging – stumbled across your blog a couple of months ago and have been hooked ever since. I'm also lurking on the other blogs who frequent yours…you have all inspired me to start blogging.What keeps me coming back to your blog is the blogs you start about your kids…I have kids similar in age and so it's always interesting to get another parents point of view πŸ™‚ I have the post you started about JB's /friend filed in the back of my mind and hope that one day when I amin the same position, I will have the courage to say what you did πŸ™‚

  12. Thanks Evelyn, I'm like you, my fave blogs are ones about parents and their dramas with their children. I like to know Im not alone and like you, I get new ideas and insight into this often turbulent thing called parenting. I just hope that my children dont start blogs of their own so they can rant about me. Im looking fwd to reading your blog!

  13. Congrats!!!! It's so nice to feel loved! I started blogging as a way to express myself in writing and let others share. I've met so many wonderful friends!

  14. Congratulations!! Such a huge, time consuming accomplishment! I blog to connect with awesome people. And lets face it– if I didn't blog, I would've never found yours! Life is all the better because of it.

  15. Congratulations ON a 100 followers Lani. Whooop whoop!!!I blog when I'm bored or have something I thought funny to blog about. I read other's blog because I'm a faikakala like that, (like I don't have work up my behind) and I just find the blogging sphere fun with the new virtual friends you make on here..but i always wonder what would happen if I do meet these people in real life…Would I walk up and talk to them or run away from them..? hehehe…dilemma I know

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