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Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai

We've had six Tattoo Time Tributes here on Sleepless in Samoa and today marks a historic first in the series - our first female feature! (Because we are an equal opportunity and non-sexist blogosphere.) We like to pay tribute to tattoos and the Polynesians who rock them because they play a huge part in  my… Continue reading Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai

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Is it Time to Shut Up?

You know what's scary? Going to a dinner function where you know nobody so you put your brave face on. And then when you're 'mingling' industriously,  you meet one, two, three, four (oh sh**) five different strangers who say - "Yes, I know you. I read your blog!"Way to put your blathering blithering rants into… Continue reading Is it Time to Shut Up?

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Coming out of the Virtual Closet

One of the coolest things about blogging is the awesome network of friends that you get to make. My teenagers think its hilarious that I talk about my blogging/blog reader buddies all the time. "Mum you talk about them and the funny things they say as if they're REAL people! Mums living in a virtual… Continue reading Coming out of the Virtual Closet

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This One’s For YOU.

I love Awesome Blog Readers!I've officially reached 100 blog followers and hit 245 blogposts - and I wanted to thank all those who continue to support my blogging efforts with your visits, engaging comments and encouraging feedback. I know that many of you have shared Sleepless links and recommended this blog to your family and… Continue reading This One’s For YOU.

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Today is a wonderful day. Because -*I'm speaking at the NZ Leadership Conversation Series about how "Storytelling Can Shift Thinking and Create Change". And the whole thing is making me a little queasy and I can't wait for it to be over so I can go back to feeling my usual sluggish and hungry self.*I've… Continue reading Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips

There are professional bloggers. They have a cast of thousands following them, hanging on their every word. They feature in TIME magazine, get interviewed on Oprah and earn golden dollars from their blogging. At the other end of the spectrum, is me. And bloggers like me. We start a blog because we have a few… Continue reading How to be the Bestest Amateur Blogger you Can Be. 8 Tips