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And the Winner is…

ML2ENAY. Thank you to everyone who uploaded a review of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper on either Amazon or Smashwords by the Monday deadline. You rock! I appreciate your ongoing support and encouragement. Today we put all your names into this very special magic box. ( Otherwise known as Bella’s Toy Blocks Box)

If you posted a review on BOTH Amazon and Smashwords, then your name was entered twice. Then we shook it all up and asked the Princess Bella Beast Fairy to please take a break from her ballet dancing…Pretty Please!

Bella picked out a name and the winner of the Pacific Design bed set from Plantation House ( you choose the color) is….

Amazon Reviewer: ML2ENAY ! Yaaay! Please email me at within 48 hrs or else I will ask Bella to choose another name from the magic toy box.

Book reviews are the life’s blood for an author – and they dont have to be five star ones either! The more reviews a book gets on Amazon etc, then the more other browsing readers are encouraged to try it. As a first time fiction novelist, I know that buying my book is like taking a leap of faith on your part – I mean, heck what if it totally sucks right?! Every time someone takes that leap and purchases my book, I am humbled by your willingness to give my fiction writing a chance. Thank you. And then when you make the time to write a review? I am thrilled with your support. Thank you again. I hope you will continue to spread the word about the TELESA series and we will be hosting another reviewer giveaway very soon…

Thank you for helping this blog hit a record 18,000 visits last month. My YA urban fantasy romance Telesa:The Covenant Keeper is  avail. from Amazon. I invite you to check out the reviews and see if this is a fire you want to get in on…
                                               EBook – $5.99      Print Book – $14.95

5 thoughts on “And the Winner is…”

  1. Okay, I am reading Telesa and AM IN LOVE with everything…the characters, the setting, the mystery of why Leila keeps having these dreams and her background. If you haven't picked this book up, do it!! And I will fend off the cries of teething babies to get another couple of pages in, because I can't wait to leave a review! I completely understand how important it is to get the word out!

  2. WOW 🙂 thats great news. congratulations! over 18,000 visits that must be an all time record!. you totally deserve it! by the way my daughter would be in love with bella's outfit. she asks me for a new one every time we go to the shops and she sees one hanging up.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth – i have to tell you that the very (hot) thrilling scenes in 'Double Clutch' have been a very bad influence on me. Im writing Bk2 for my Telesa series rite now and I keep wanting to write in MORE hot thrilling scenes…I blame Double Clutch. ( still cant get my fave line from Jake out of my head either aaaargh!)Bella is soooo obsessed with her fairy outfit. In the middle of winter she insisted on wearing it to preschool. she didnt like having to wear sweats underneath it and got very annoyed, "Im a Fairy Princess!" Yes, i can relate to little daughters insistence on fairy dresses.Hi Anon, i jumped the gun on the print bk. I got my first proof copy from Amazon already and approved it a few days ago. Now it will take 2 days more before it goes live on Amazon. If u live in NZ, print books can be pre-ordered and wil be redy by next week. Email me and I can put u on the Telesa update email list and send out the ordering info as soon as its ready. Thank you!

  4. sitting here in all my evil glory counting down the 48hrs hoping the winner doesn't claim his/her you can pick again and hopefully it'll be me..*evil laugh*

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