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Taking Your Clothes Off

I've been kind of quiet on the writing front because I've been working on three different projects and unsure which one was going to be done first and ready to release. I'm thrilled to tell you that one story has basically got me falling in love and if all goes well - this next book… Continue reading Taking Your Clothes Off

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When Your Husband Runs Away From You

I used to say that the only way I could ever get a holiday from my Demented Domestic Goddess duties - was to get pregnant. Because then I would have to go live in New Zealand for a few months before and after the baby busted out because I have a small problem with sustaining… Continue reading When Your Husband Runs Away From You

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The Kiss. (Daniel Speaks)

In honor of Valentine's Day, a gift for TELESA readers - a piece that may (or may not be) Daniel's thoughts on kissing. And that kiss. Hope you enjoy it!Why is that guys are supposed to have kissed tons of girls – or else they’re designated “losers”? While girls are supposed to only have kissed… Continue reading The Kiss. (Daniel Speaks)

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Writing with Seti Matua – The Journey

A long time ago, I promised you a 'Tusitala Fiapoto' series for and about Pacific writers- and then promptly got very busy with writing and edits and book tours and sick children and more. So I'm super happy to have as a guest today, a Samoan writer/blogger /editor, SETI MATUA, sharing his thoughts on his… Continue reading Writing with Seti Matua – The Journey

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I Need a Man of Steel

So I'm a full-time writer now. What does that mean? It means that every morning, the Hot Man drives me to the library and leaves me there until 7pm at night. But first, I make him stop at the bakery up the road so I can get my lunch. A brown bread corned beef sandwich,… Continue reading I Need a Man of Steel

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Seven Essentials for Self-Publishing

              If you're a writer thinking about taking that leap into the publishing world, what do you need? (according to my very limited experience!) Warning, this is a long blog post. Only read it if you really want to know what is required to publish your writing...1. A well-written book.… Continue reading Seven Essentials for Self-Publishing

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The Samoa Launch of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper.

Every book is borne from the creative fire of the writer who dared to envision it but it represents the love, sweat and tears of many people. Tonight I pay tribute to those who helped spark the fire of my writing dreams, and who’s encouragement gave fuel to their intensity.  As my first fiction novel… Continue reading The Samoa Launch of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper.

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More than 15 million children's books are sold in Australasia each year. Worldwide, more than $2.5 billion worth of children's books are purchased annually, and more than 75% of publishers welcome children's material. Thats  A LOT of books. A lot of stories. A lot of writers writing stories for children. You could be one of… Continue reading TUSITALA FIAPOTO – WRITING CHILDREN’S STORIES

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Calling all Pacific Writers. Even ones who haven’t written anything yet.

Let's Join Forces.Who am I? I'm confused. I'm a...Commissioned Author. A year ago, my first book was published. "Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi" was written on commission - which means that I was paid a weekly salary plus all expenses to research and write a book that would then belong to my employer. The Australian Govt… Continue reading Calling all Pacific Writers. Even ones who haven’t written anything yet.

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The Cleverest Woman in the World.

I am a daughter of the cleverest woman in the world. The most capable, most multi-talented woman in the world. My mother can sew, cook, pickle, bake, preserve, paint, knit, embroider, crochet, write stories worth reading, give speeches that move you, weave, fashion design, sculpt, screenprint, dance ballet and tap, sing, ice skate, re-upholster a… Continue reading The Cleverest Woman in the World.