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Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA

WIN a free signed copy of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper.
Print books are now available in the US (and the universe) via Amazon. Available in NZ/Australia via these links:

* $24.95 NZD, plus $5.00 postage anywhere in NZ. Click HERE  to order.
* $22.95 AUD, plus $10.00 postage. Click HERE to order.
* $14.95 USD, plus postage. Click HERE to order.
NZ/Aust customers can also purchase from Wheelers Books. More retailers to come.

Thank you for your encouragement as my first fiction novel was released as an electronic book three weeks ago. TELESA:The Covenant Keeper marks an exciting new development for Pacific fiction as the first Young Adult Urban Fantasy Thriller set in contemporary Samoa. The reviews and overall feedback have been great (and such a relief…whew. Click on the title link to check out reviews.) If you were able to share the book links with others, purchase an e-copy or upload a review – I appreciate your support! It makes this writing journey much less scary. In the past few weeks, TELESA book news has featured in various newspapers and online media in Samoa, American Samoa, Hawaii, NZ,Australia and the US. Radio Australia has been very helpful with spreading the word as well – media generosity has been overwhelming, thank you so much.  I’m looking forward to the Apia launch in a few weeks. The online book ‘tour’ continues with featured interviews and spots on various websites worldwide and I invite you to check them out.

To celebrate the print book release, I’m giving away one signed copy of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper. Just leave your comment below. All comments made before Sat 12th Oct, enter draw for book giveaway. (And this giveaway is international)

It’s taken me a long time but I’m excited and very grateful to finally be living my writer dream and doing what I love.  What’s YOUR passion? Are you living your dream? If not yet, what are you doing to get there? Any advice or encouragement for the rest of us?

24 thoughts on “Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA”

  1. My dream job is to become a doctor and move to Africa to hopefully open my own clinic, so far I've almost finished my studies as a nurse I'm also working as a nurse which to me is the most rewarding experience <3Plus TELEASA Wouod be a lOvely change from reading txt books lol :)Morgan W ( I'm on facebook lol)

  2. What an amazing dream job – and you're already there with being a nurse. I imagine it can pretty rugged going though with all the study and the long hours so yes, DEFN reading about the breathtaking Daniel and Leila's love story would be a welcome change! Thanks for entering the giveaway Morgan.

  3. Talofa Lani all the way from Washington, DC (where Leila was, lol!) My dream job is your job Lani! To be able to publish book after book on legends and the fagogo's of Samoa that I heard from mama as a child growing up in Tutuila. My steps on getting to that dream started from being a host for a youth page in the Samoa Post newspaper (Tutuila) to getting my poetry published in Pierce College's (Washington, USA) literary arts magazine to being an Editor/Proofreader for a Deposition company here in nearby Germantown, MD (USA). My advice to my fellow Samoans (and other Pacific islanders) is to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams and STAY TRUE to your roots, your culture, and God above all. Right now I guess I could say that I am living my dream of being in the capitol of the USA. Like you, I really love YA fiction and receiving a signed copy of TELESA: The Covenant Keeper would be an honor!!!! Malo lava Lani! You are an inspiration for all Samoan and Pacific Islander writers everywhere!!! God bless you!!!

  4. My passions in life are driven by my need to be connected to my island roots. I currently make and create pacific inspired costumes/body adornment with a modern urban twist. At the moment I am very interested in cultivating another passion of mine (similar to what I am doing now) – but with a visual arts based approach. I dream of one day becoming an established visual artist/designer. Below is a quote that pushes me forward to chase my dream – I read it every day."Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark. In the hopeless swamps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all, do not let the hero in your soul perish and leave only frustration for the life you deserved, but never have been able to reach. The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours". – Ayn Rand

  5. as a stay-at-home mom of two young ones, i suppose my "passion" has been redirected to taking care of my children to the best of my ability, day in, day out. so things have been put on the back burner for now, but i hope someday to go back to school and study something completely fun and creative like design, event planning, etc. but while i'm where i am, i would love to pull off some of the things your mom can do!sieni from israel πŸ™‚

  6. Talofa James – You're making me miss my old hometown lol. Its been 20 years since I last visited DC (oka, feeling very old now too…) I love connecting with other Pacific writers and to hear about your writing journey is inspiring. Great advice for us all to never give up and to stay true to our roots. US-based lit agents told me TELESA was too Samoan/Pacific to have any appeal for an international audience. And NZ-based publishers told me that TELESA was too American as told from Leila's perspective and suggested that I look for US representation…Its still early days since the books release, but already I have been so humbled with the encouragement and feedback as Pacific readers worldwide embrace it AND as NZ based readers enjoy it AND now its just started getting rave reviews from straight up 'palagi' readers as well. So yes, I 100% agree – never give up on your dreams and stay true to our beginnings.

  7. Joan that quote you shared is fiery. I love it. "The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is possible, it is yours…" People with passion – for their art, family, creativity, etc – are always motivating people to be around and thats one reason I appreciate your blog with its focus on a visual artist's perspective and your documenting of your journey to follow your dreams. Thank you.

  8. Hi Sieni in Israel! (Oka, feeling very international on this blog today…DC to Aust to Israel to the USA to me in west auckland, yay!) When i first stopped teaching to be a fulltime mother, other career women told me that I would become a brain dead miserable woman. They told me they felt sorry for me and the stifling of my creativity. Ouch. Nothing has been further from the truth in my experience. Yes, being a parent is tough. And being a stayathome parent can drive you nuts. But what can be more 'creative' and awe-inspiring then loving and raising a child? Watching as they discover the world in all its beauty, the way they think a dishwater soap bubble is magical. And yell at you to stop what youre doing to come feel the fuzziness of a caterpillar or chase a butterfly. And the sense of achievement and peace I feel when my children do something amazing, or just tell me they love me more than all the rubbish in the world…well, it can do great things for one's confidence! Once i got over the initial shock of being a 'slave' to my children – I have realized the strength and assurety I needed to write. And then to share it. So yep, I hear you – raising children requires buckets of passion!

  9. Eh, with my luck in winning stuff, I'm pretty sure my name wont even come up close when you pull that winner but what the heck…lolSo my dream job is more like a wish that won't come true but here goes anyways…I want to one day become a millionare (or blardy heck be a millionare's wife) because then I won't have to do anything but shop, travel, sleep,lounge by the pool, get fat (and get liposuction when it gets out of control) etc. Ok so that's totally me dreaming–waking up now.Seriously? my dream job is = BE MY OWN BOSS. Make my own hours. Run my own company and it has to be something that would allow me to give back to the community.:)

  10. I wouldn't consider myself passionate about things. I'm too passive. But one thing I think is developing into a passion is helping people.I LOVE seeing the look on people's faces when I do something for them.Like, helping them understand physics at school, or baking for them, or fa'alava-ing their bus fare. (don't crucify me for using that Samoan word in there! It's just the perfect word. lol)I try not to let pride become the drive in the reason I help people. But I know those times it's sincere and I feel in my heart the unique satisfaction when someone else is so grateful and happy. I like to see a lift in their spirits. It makes me happy.I want that to be a huge part in my future career – whatever that may be.

  11. Here's another passive person right here…I've always heard from the weebit age people telling me that I had a way with words on paper. Not much of a public speaker,but find that the only way to get the attention of my audience is through my unintelligent banter. I know I have it in me to be a writer (maybe not a fabulous one like the author of Telesa) ;). So Lani, when I grow up I wanna be just like you! LOL. My formal education is in something totally different (tv influenced), but my passion is in the ability to conjure, awake and ignite all senses and imaginations. I also want to spend more time in my son's life making his favorite kopai for breakfast and attempting to bake brownies for dessert snacks. LOL! I don't want to miss a thing, and an 8 hour day job just doesn't allow that. I have a quote too.. LOL"Dream big because dreams are free!" πŸ˜‰

  12. Hey Missy!! :)So i have a passion for 3 things in particular;1. Words in all forms (Poems, Stories, Quotes, Testimonies, etc)- Writing them, reading them… Experiencing them!! You know? 2. Helping troubled youth! Particularly South Pacific youtj! Troubled teens, attention seeking youth, lost and confused youth! Etc!! I guess i have a gift of being able to talk to youth without coming across as a strict, no fun having adult that only wants to tell them what to do! Lol.. As i find they flock to me, just because i take the time out to listen… As easy as it may sound… ALOT of people actually CANNOT do this simple task without passing judgement! And 3. God!! FULLSTOP!!To be able to combine all 3 somehow would be my ideal dreamjob!! I sh!t you not! πŸ™‚ i'm currently studying for a diploma in accounting which i chose because i know its a stable career! Not at all what i WANT to do, but definitely something i SHOULD do! But once this is done, i look forward to undertaking courses to get papers in Community Welfare and Youth Services so one day i really can do what i really want to!!And P.S i'm going to read Leila again so i can fall asleep and dream about meeting Daniel at 'our waterfall' *melts* YOURE AWESOME MISSY!!! πŸ™‚

  13. Unfortunately for me I'm too indecisive. I basically want to be good at EVERYTHING, that's all. lol Well just everything I try. But if I had to choose I guess I'd love to learn how to sew better. If I had the time or money I would go to fashion school to trained properly. Not that I want to go on Project Runway or anything. I just have the talent, and I believe any talent wasted is disrespecting God for blessing you with it. I love working with my hands, and being able to see an end product. (which is why I also love to cook. But don't need to cook better, I eat just fine!) But I am a frugal person, so if I don't have to pay $30 USD for a top then I am a happy shopper.

  14. You are one talented and gifted bunch people! Kuaback I 100% agree with your dream of owning your own business. Me and the Hot Man have experienced it and would overwhelmingly recommend it over working for someone else! Hey – how about your cupcakes? You could start a creative cupcake design business (like Henry and his cupcakes) – i havent tasted them but they look good enough in the pics that I've devoured them all in my imagination! lolLaura, your passion humbles me. To be a person who finds great joy in helping others and always on the lookout for ways to help others – thats a key for success and happiness right there.

  15. I'm one of those lucky people who get to do what they love … I'm a graphic designer. I love/am passionate about computers and art and crafts and so being a graphic designer combines all those things. At the moment I'm freelancing sporadically because I've just had Ezra (baby no 5) so am at home with 3 under 3 and am trying to be passionate about that lol, but feel like I'm failing haha. Usually I end up feeling completely wrung out at the end of the day and so reward myself for surviving by indulging another passion – baking. Current fave… Bakers Royale's Cookies n Cream Brownie cookies and David Lebovitz's German Chocolate Cake yummmmmmmm.

  16. Hi Lani,In all seriousness I guess I am living my dream…by simply being alive and raising my 4 heartbeats with the love of my life – my BFF. My personal development plan and bucket list haven’t gone according to my desired roadmap lol, but then again that was drawn out almost 15 years ago lol so I guess it is safe to say its redundant, and inevitably passions and priorities have changed with a new bucket list and goals. (My newest addition to my bucket list is to meet you in person one day and lol have a photo of us two for my new profile twitter pic lmao. SOoo…if you’re ever in Sydney I will personally take you to the finest restaurant and establishment here – MY HOME! He he he)I will say however, with all the fortunes, and worldly possessions my BFF and I have obtained throughout the years, we have also encountered misfortunes along our journey which is where humility has brought us back to reality and allows us to redirect our focus on what really is important. Family. I have a pretty awesome job as a Project Manager, currently leading a high profile project in the financial sector. I am excited about what the project is delivering next month! Anyhow – it pays really well; it allows my BFF to currently be full time daddy to our 11yr, 9yr, 4yr and 6month old baby. It pays the mortgage and everything else under the sun but without them, without the craziness and laughter I come home to everyday, without my BFF that makes me laugh, cry, angry and happy, and who is the ultimate maker of culinary disasters lol I would be lost and insignificant without them. It is through them that brings the best out of me. It is my BFF who is my Daniel lol (cheeeeeesy) and the 4 heartbeats; well they are the pleasures and results of my ULTIMATE passion πŸ˜‰

  17. I'd love to own a little cafe/ bookshop in Samoa. In my fantasy this would be (extremely)profittable so that I could have the appropriate amount of staff so I wouldn't have to do anything boring like accounts, stocktaking or taxes, but could do all the interesting things like order the books, read the books, drink coffee, and then indulge in writing/ taking on cases on social justice issues….ahhhh… it all sounds so idylic… perhaps it should be on a beach and have a resort around it….*fazes off into pleasant daydreams with no link to reality*

  18. Hi Lani,I was watching "A walk to remember" the other night and the star of the movie had a list of things she always wanted to do before dying. I have a similar list of things I have always wanted to do and plan to do before I leave this earth.A few of these items on my list include: traveling the world, meeting the royal family in England and Tonga, going on a cruise to Switzerland, singing back up in a band, helping our Polynesian youth, hike up to Kilimanjaro,walk the Great wall of China, go deep sea diving in Australia-Great Barrier reef, swim with dolphins, etc… πŸ™‚ My dream job is to be my own boss/motivational speaker. I want to give back to my community and help the youth. Ideally–to run a non profit organization that helps students in the Pacific learn more about their culture and surviving in the world. I firmly believe in the value of making connections with those around us. I want to build a stronger connection for youth who seem to be losing a piece of themselves as they try to adjust to the changing world. I know change is inevitable but to work on building a stronger younger generation who have leaders to look up to who are honest and have integrity.Lofty dreams I know. πŸ™‚ Still working towards these goals and hopefully someday be able to achieve them. My motto is – If you believe it, you can achieve it. Some circumstances beyond my control have constituted a change of direction and postponing of some of my personal goals but family first has always been my mantra as well. So, we'll see how this journey turns out. I was a mentor for college students online with Western Governors University and now I am back home in the islands and working as a high school teacher. You are inspiring to me too and I hope to also put some thoughts on paper and try my hand at writing. p.s. sorry for the novel…didn't realize I'd ramble on and on. ha!ha! –Teinetoa4lype

  19. Congratulations on the release of your book Lani, well done. Have enjoyed reading all the feedback on this blog too, inspiring. So my passion for as long as I can remember was to be a journalist, I used to dream of reporting stories on 60 minutes or 20/20, lol, mainstream current affairs. Things havent quite worked out the way I wanted them to in terms of driving my career passion, in fact it turned out better. Blessed with my best friend's hand in marriage & 3 beautiful children later, I'm a happy wife & mother (my kids current ages are 4, 3 & 1). No regrets, and would not change a thing, even for the world. While I'm occupied fulltime with my family as well as working fulltime (Banking industry) I havent given up on pursuing writing/journalism at a later stage when my kids are older, I'm actually more interested now in being a Rugby League Sports Columnist, lol, love, live & breathe the sport, can talk about it all day & would love to write about it. Good on you Lani & everyone here for how far you've come to realising your dreams come true, for those out there like myself who arent quite there yet stay happy & focused, work hard & prioritise, good things come to those who wait & always, always stay close to God in prayer & thanksgiving for all your need & intentions to make your dreams come true. Peace.

  20. Ive always had a passion for culinary arts but have been reluctant to fulfill my dreams because i grew up in a very conservative household where cooking was unfortunately not considered a career. my parents are sturdy adamantine Samoan traditionalists to the core! Church, village, family, education was the only thing i knew growing up & i was shunned away from the cosmopolitan-contemporary culture that was evolving around me. not that Im complaining, my parents are AWESOME parents & im truly grateful for all the sacrifices & hard work theyve done for me & my siblings. I surprise myself with the capabilities that I can do if I put my heart & mind to it, & have an undying passion for my dreams! during my time of leisure, I enjoy painting, im an avid reader, i love baking, creating, decorating pastry, im also an unofficial make-up stylist, manicurist (i say unofficial cause im not professionally trained as a beautician.. lol) but have made a multitudinous amount of clienteles that have influenced me greatly to pursue this passion. i find myself overwhelmed sometimes because I have so much to give, but at the end, my parents & family comes first. im sure alot of you can relate to that because being Samoan & honoring your parents wishes are most important!(actually, i think thats universal) so Im patiently awaiting the time when my dreams will unravel & i cant wait when that happens. for the time being my pursuit of happiness is to honor my parents wishes. πŸ™‚

  21. Malo lava Lani, congratulations on your accomplishments. You have become a beacon of hope to most us Samoan women and an inspiration to us all. I have many passions. One of them is to do the same as you one day. To be an example to our people, especially women as they have so much to bare on their shoulders with family, church, life, etc. Teaching and ingrain in them self love, to promote a healthy self esteem in themselves so they may pass it on to their children, and those children will grow up with confidence to take on the world and pursue their dreams without limitations. I am also passionate about travel. I feel this world is too small to stay confined to one country or continent. I plan to visit as many countries as I can afford in my future.My other passion is being an entrepreneur, to start my own business- my own little niche in some part of the world yet to be found. Whether it's my passion of dancing and promoting Polynesian cultures, or training financial health to small business owners from 15 years in banking, or owning my own shop. I am on the verge of discovering soon and am excited to explore. This is the legacy I want to pass onto my family, and my future generations…something that will flourish for years and years to come. Thank you Lani for letting me write my passions out loud- and for me to realize it as I'm writing :)Alofas from Liz Amanda from NYC ❀

  22. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your passions and dreams with us. I have been inspired reading thru your stories and I hope verbalizing them has helped you to also make your dreams more concrete as well. There is so much energy and creativity and hope in this 'room' on this blogpost and I am humbled by it. I am reminded that often what we envisioned as our 'dream' can so often change as we go through life and change also, in our priorities and our choices and family situations. Also, that the realization of a 'dream' can be reliant on so many other people in our lives. Our loved one and the support and encouragement they offer us. Our friends and 'cheering squads' and how they keep us going when times get tough. And even, our wider community of 'strangers' – that can come together via our writing and blogging – and support and encourage each other. Thank you all for the feedback on this one. And thank you for the encouragement you have given me with my own little writer dreams!

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