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Kick-Butt Awesomeness AND a Giveaway

Today was a good day. We (finally) left the house and took the Fab5 to the city to try ice skating and look at the city. Which transported them into paroxysms of delight because these poor woebegotten creatures hardly ever get to go anywhere and the sight of bright lights, shop windows and an endless… Continue reading Kick-Butt Awesomeness AND a Giveaway

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Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA

WIN a free signed copy of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper.Print books are now available in the US (and the universe) via Amazon. Available in NZ/Australia via these links:* $24.95 NZD, plus $5.00 postage anywhere in NZ. Click HERE  to order.* $22.95 AUD, plus $10.00 postage. Click HERE to order.* $14.95 USD, plus postage. Click HERE to… Continue reading Share your Passion – and Win a Print copy of TELESA