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Telesa – Auckland Launch Night

Last night my book Telesa was launched here in Auckland, NZ at an event jointly hosted by Auck. Univ of Technology and Auckland University. It was an evening of poetry, dance, music and Pasifika-style celebration with Dr Selina Tusitala Marsh giving the keynote address, a Telesa siva performance by AU graduate Filoi Vaila’au, music from Natasha Urale-Baker, and a (surprise) taualuga dance at the closing. Many leaders from the NZ academic, government, business and Pasifika community were present. As were many Sleepless in Samoa readers and awesome sister bloggers. Books were sold and signed. Refreshments were served. My mother (the most creative woman in the world) had flown in from Samoa to be there. The Hot Man was chasing the naughty Bella Beast all over the building. The rest of the Fab5 were helping to sell books. My big sister gave a Telesa reading. (But her most valuable contribution to the launch was allowing me to borrow her MENA puletasi. Thank you sis!) My little brother was there with his family. Uncles, cousins, friends, tweeters and FB  – all came out to support a hermit as she stepped out of her cave. Thank you everyone for making it a much less scary adventure to launch my first fiction novel in Auckland.

Ana Faatoia was the photographer documenting the event and I invite you to look through her pictures and experience the Auckland Launch of Telesa for yourself. Click on the link –
Faatoia Fotos: Auckland Launch of Telesa

8 thoughts on “Telesa – Auckland Launch Night”

  1. I love how they made you dance twice XDI've never been to a book launch prior to this but it was great! Dance, poem reading seeing you in real life… the whole shabang! Also, it just renewed my love for being Samoan.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth – havent seen you on your blog or twitter lately, hope everything is ok with you!Laura – I loved the opportunity to meet you and Donna at the launch. Your gift really touched me, it was like (delicious) evidence that yes, the blog world really does exist, the friends I have made online are real! I was not happy about the dancing twice thing, aargh…but otherwise, it was a good night. Thank you for supporting the book launch. Thank you Carey Ann – hey, I love the pics of your beautiful baby on your blog. Children are such a great blessing.

  3. Congratulations Lani! Reading your blog and going through your launch pictures on Facebook makes me feel real as if i were there. You look stunning and Bella Beast is so beautiful :-)I so cant wait for Book Two!

  4. Ohh i'm so jealous! sounds like the book launch went amazingly well, I think there should be a book launch in Sydney Australia too (hint hint)LOL. Can't wait for book2!

  5. Thank you Audrey! I told my sister I better just keep her nice MENA dress since everyone on FB has seen me wear it already, lol. It was a lovely evening – best part, meeting blog readers and sister bloggers.Fisa I would love to take Telesa to Sydney. An awesome group of bloggers are working on a launch in Brisbane early next year…Now that Auck is done, hoping to get to Aust soon.

  6. Congratulations Lani! So love reading your posts and seeing all the excitement generated by your creativity! LOL @ your comment to Audrey about telling your sister you had better keep her Mena dress because everyone on Fb has seen you wearing it – it reminded me of my older sister borrowing my brand new outfit for an outing and then telling me the next day in a very casual manner that I should just let her keep it because everyone saw her wearing it. You look every part the successful and inspiring writer that you are – malo lava! Look forward to your next books and the movie (of course)

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