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Virtual Online Love

My mother is a powerhouse of creativity and I owe much of who I am – to her. It’s no accident that my Telesa series centers around beautiful, strong, vibrant and powerful women because that’s the kind of mother I’ve been blessed with. Both my parents are incredibly supportive of my writing efforts… in their own ways. My Dad tells me everything I do and everything I write – is wonderful. My Mum tells me what’s wrong with everything I do and everything I write and then works hard out to help me “fix” things. (I’m always glad when she tries to ‘fix’ me because that usually involves her giving me something stunning to wear so I won’t look so bedraggled.)

So yes, in their own unique ways, my parents are a great support for my writing. Even if the technological mysteries of the electronic book world make no sense to them. My mum only recently discovered how to use Facebook and I still get trans-Pacific-Ocean phonecalls from her, asking me how to upload a photo to her Facebook page…E-books are an enigma to my mother. “They are not ‘really real’ books, are they?” Case in point:

When I launched my first book, “Pacific Tsunami Galu Afi”, my mum gave me a stunning set of silver jewelery that she had designed herself for her Pacific design store, Plantation House.

See here, the bracelet and ring? at the Auckland launch hosted by Auck University. (and ohmigosh, check out the perfectly manicured fingernails – that is a cataclysmic, universe-imploding thing. Rare…so rare.)

And the necklace! (and my beautiful cousin Sina Wendt Moore, President of Auckland PACIFICA.)
 I love my  silver accessories and wear them to death everywhere. Which is really saying a lot because I hate wearing jewelry of any kind. They are a sparkly reminder of my parent’s encouragement and support.

When I launched my second book “Telesa: The Covenant Keeper”, my mum gave me a pearl shell neckpiece.  Also from Plantation House.

You can kinda see it here with some lovely Telesa readers, at the Wellington launch hosted by the Pacific Studies Dept at Victoria Univ.

I released my third book last week as an electronic book on Amazon: ‘Afakasi Woman’, a collection of 24 short stories. I don’t think my mother was counting on books getting released so quickly. She would probably prefer the more traditional approach where writing a book takes seven years and getting it published takes another seven…That would certainly save money where gifts of expensive Pacific jewelry are concerned.

My mum’s response to my book launch news?””Well I’m not giving you any new jewelry for this one because it’s not a REAL book, is it?”
Me – “Yes it is. It’s got 120 pages and a cover and everything. I’ll send you a link and a picture of it.”

Her response, “Fine. And then I’ll send you an e-picture of a new necklace from Plantation House.”

Or maybe an electronic picture of some new rings and bangles. Like this. 

E-pictures of “virtual jewelry gifts.” My mum may be new to the world of internet technology – but she’s catching on pretty fast.

Sleepless in Samoa hit a record 30,000 visits this month. Thanks for keeping me company! If you’re looking for a Fantasy Romance read about strong, fierce and proud Pacific women – check out the free sample of TELESA:The Covenant Keeper available on Amazon.

20 thoughts on “Virtual Online Love”

  1. Hahaha. So Funny. So, does your mom's shop have a website. I like that jewelry and I think I want to purchase some. Do they ship to us over in Maryland, USA?

  2. She has a beautiful store Sherre, and designs most of the things herself. Shes only just taken the store onto Facebook but online ordering wont start up for another month. Will let you know! IF youre on FB, check out Plantation House.

  3. 🙂 thinking of your Mum!I was in New Zealand for easter and I went into a few bookstores to try and pick up Telesa 😦 I thought I might get a good read on the plane….but I WILL order it online before the week is through….REALLY REALLLLY REALLLLLY wanna read it!!

  4. I had a chat with her before I left Samoa.I went to buy a bag and some material and she has some pretty cool unique jewelry. And the bags and shawls are gorgeous. Didn't see those rings though. I wouldve bought one.

  5. Thanks. I'll check it out on Facebook when I get home from work. Yes Please let me know. I'll probably be the first person to buy from her online. HA!

  6. Hahahahaha!!! Gotta love moms!!! Her jewelry is beautiful and I would definitely love to see more and purchase some if at all possible. Getting ready to check out her FB page hehe! Thanks for sharing Lani!!

  7. I both love and hate visiting the store – i always come back to my own house annoyed with how NOT-fabulous it is compared to her store, LOL.

  8. Thanks Jay – my mum ONLY just figured out how to do her own emails and surf Facebook so yes, the next gradual step is online ordering. Hoping she hurries up because Lots of people are loving the pics on Facebook.

  9. LOL @ your eGifts… Wow your mom is amazing. I can't wait to check out the Plantation House next time I'm in Samoa… Okay so I just spent the last 3 hours or so catching up on Lani world… LOVE what you've done with this place. You're an inspiration 🙂

  10. Always lovely to have you visit HGG – i cant take any credit for the site. Blogger updated its system and I still trying to figure it out. For a few days I couldnt even get into it to blog…

  11. Love your mothers creations 🙂 counting down the days/weeks/months until international orders can be placed at Plantation House!.

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