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The Bone Bearer: A Piece.

A piece of the third book in the Telesa Trilogy: The Bone Bearer.  Coming in 2013.

When I turned twelve years old, my mother took me to the edge of the ocean cliffs and told me the story of the shark and the turtle. How long ago, a woman and her child were driven from their village and threw themselves into the sea, to what they thought would be their deaths. Instead, they were turned into a shark and a turtle and found refuge among the creatures of the deep. I remember it was a brilliant blue and gold day, with the salt wind leaving its trace on my skin. It was high tide and the white surf on the distant reef looked like the lace on her Sunday hat. I listened to her tell me the story but I was impatient for her to be done so we could get on with the business of birthdays. I was hoping for a netball. And a proper hoop. So I could stop practicing with a curve of steel wire coiled around the tree outside our house and that dried up coconut for a ball.  So I could take a step closer to my dream of becoming a famous international netball player, relentless and fearless both on the court and off. Yes, I was hoping for good things on this most important of birthdays…
Instead, my mother told me the story of the shark and the turtle. Then she knelt in the dirt on the edge of the windy cliffside and held my face in her hands.
“You are like them. You are a shark. A turtle. An eel. A stingray. You are one of the ancient ones. I have seen it.” She kissed me. Smiled with sad eyes. “You are twelve years old. It is time for a girl to start the journey to being a woman. It is time for you to embrace your true nature.”
And then my mother threw me off the cliff into the dark water below.
The third book in the series continues Leila and Daniel’s story to its epic conclusion. But it also introduces one or two new characters, explores the world and gifts of the Telesa in more depth, and takes us on a journey to several other Pacific places and cultures. I’m having a blast writing this one!

8 thoughts on “The Bone Bearer: A Piece.”

  1. Hi Lani, thanks for stopping by my blog! I am looking forward to reading your books, recommended by our friend Lan. 🙂 I'm so jealous that you are already into writing your third book! I'm struggling to work on my second.

  2. this is a total teeeeeaaase! i've been thinking, why stop at a trilogy? Why stop at 3? Didn't Jesus have 12 Disciples? can't wait! can't wait!

  3. What? You can just spring something like this on me at a moments notice and then just leave!! You can't do this to me!!! I need more!!! a lot more. Awww crap. When's this book going to be coming out? It better be tomorrow!

  4. Oh gossh! I’m in love with this book 🙂 come on third book – get here already.
    I cant wait, thanks author – beautiful talent you have there 🙂
    #Pacific Love

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