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The Bone Bearer: A Piece.

A piece of the third book in the Telesa Trilogy: The Bone Bearer.  Coming in 2013.When I turned twelve years old, my mother took me to the edge of the ocean cliffs and told me the story of the shark and the turtle. How long ago, a woman and her child were driven from their… Continue reading The Bone Bearer: A Piece.

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A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance

  This is what I have to see every 10 pages. Reminding me that this is chick-lit, why am I still reading  this for?!Do men read YA romantic urban fantasy fiction? A few weeks ago, I would have said - hell no. But since the release of my book TELESA, I have been pleasantly surprised… Continue reading A Man Reader Raves (and Rants) about Romance