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Snakes, Cakes and Cars

Quick update from Sydney… I’ve been doing book stuff in Australia for the past week. Started in Brisbane last week and am just finishing up here in the beautiful Sydney. You can read about it here: Samoa News

Lots of new experiences for this Hermit as she gets out and about…like –

1. Telesa Book Cakes in Sydney. A special surprise from Sydney launch sponsors,Nia and Sean of  LNS Mobile Mechanics. Made by Melicious Cake House. I’m embarassed to tell you that I felt a bit tearful to see them. As a cake-addict, how awesome is having your books recreated as cakes?! (cue girly scream here.)

2. You know those super-cool cars that rappers (and gangsters and mobsters…cough cough) drive? The ones that bounce and adjust up and down, making noises like the Transformers? They’re called ‘low-riders’ but I like the name  “Flow-Riders.” Me and the Hot Man got transported to the Sydney launch in style by the Uso Car Club, courtesy of Poreta Mariner. Everywhere you go in one of these cars, people stop and stare. And when you pull up to a red light and the driver starts making the car do that UP-DOWN move, people start filming the car and cheering and getting rather excited.  It was a defn first for me. I must confess tho that riding in such a vehicle is NOT conducive to fabulously styled hair because they drive with the windows down and the wind is blowing everything to bits. And the padded ceiling in the car is really low and your head keeps getting knocked about and all the hairspray in the world cant stop that hairstyle from getting messed up. I arrived at the launch party looking like a storm had swept through me….

3. In Brisbane I was reminded why – as a kid – I always said I would NEVER go to Australia…snake phobia! The fabulous and funnny M.C for the launch night, Gau had a snake trying to crawl into her garage on the night we met up for a planning dinner. All she had to do was show me this picture and I was trying NOT to leap up onto the table, just in case one had decided to slither all the way into the city…into the restaurant…into the pot-plants next to us.  I was on high alert for the rest of the trip.

More updates to come…gotta go out for dinner on our last night here in Sydney.