The Hot Man gets Hotter?


Follow up on my Complaining Blogpost about my Athletic Husband…He did a triathlon in Samoa on Saturday and killed it. Big Son said it best (stole this from my child’s Facebook page. This is the beauty of being a #BadMother. One can Facebook stalk their child and plagiarize them and steal things from them and not even feel bad.)

“He’s 42… He just competed in his 1st Triathlon in 20 years, against athletes half his age , not only did he win but he set the new record for the event. He’s a beast, he’s the Samoan Triathlon Champion, Former Samoan Marathon Champion, Former South Pacific Games finalist , Former Ranked Australian Kick boxer, Former Body Builder… He holds all these titles but the one I am most proud to call him is… Dad Hurry up and come back from Samoa already, I love you Dad.
He’s also the only person i know who has the guts to wear a tri-suit!”

9 thoughts on “The Hot Man gets Hotter?”

  1. Gosh Lani, Thats all I want to be for my kids. An awesome example. Individually you guys rock. combined you “kill it” as examples of being examples and whats possible lol. Cheeee Hooooo. Love it!

    1. Thanks Maureen. Every time Darren does something fabulously fit I am reminded of how lazy, unhealthy and slack I am. (and so then I must eat a donut to feel better) Now that theBone Bearer is finally finished though, I have no more excuses for not getting out of this cave and doing some waddling/running of my own!

    1. Big Son surprises me every now and again. Reminds me he can be a sensitive, loving, expressive young man – and not just a ‘super cool’ angsty 18yr old.

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