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News Update folks, all the stars have aligned and the ebook version of ‘The Bone Bearer’ is available right now from Amazon. Remember, you don’t need to own a Kindle to get your copy. You can download the free Kindle App to your phone or computer and then purchase your book. Its available for the next 48 hrs for the launch celebration price of $5.99. Get it here:

The Bone Bearer: Book Three in the Telesa Series

Gotta say, I felt a bit like crying when I finally saw it go live on Amazon. Its been a two year journey writing Leila and Daniel’s story and there were moments when I doubted I would ever see three complete books written and published! These books have taken me to many places and given me the opportunity to laugh with and learn from a myriad of amazing women who I am honored to call my friends. I’m still a social freakazoid hermit, but now, I’m a hermit with a kick-butt awesome global sisterhood!

Each book in the series has been dedicated to special people I am blessed to have in my life. The first book was (of course) written to and for, the Hot Man –

‘Who teaches me daily how to love with fun, faith and fire.’

The second book was dedicated to the Fabulous Five –

‘Who allow me space to breathe, room to dance and dream. You give me courage to write books and then actually let others read them.’

This final book in the Trilogy is dedicated to –

My friend, my sister – and a true example of beautiful, fierce, fiery and fabulous womanhood,

  Elena  Peteru

Without you, this book would never have been written. Time and again, you help me find my way. Better than a happy pill, your insight, love and support keeps me from falling away from the straight and narrow (or at least not too far away!)

I first met Elena when I was young and restless, single, skinny and self-obsessed. I was a first year student at Victoria University and she was the super-cool upstairs neighbour who was always willing to chat, listen and counsel. We virtuously went power walking every morning (downhill) where we would buy pastries from the bakery and then take the cable car (uphill) to have breakfast in the Botanical Gardens… She was there when my mum threatened to disown me for being a skank. She was there when I was a wild child and got married at the (clueless) young age of 20 (she MC’d our wedding.) She was there for me through long-ago domestic dramas…when I chucked rocks at the Hot Man’s V8 car and tried to set fire to all his belongings…*innocent face* who me?!  Even when we are on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean ( or opposite sides of Auckland and neither of us can drive outside our comfort zones…), Elena is my rock. Thank goodness for Vodafone BestMate which makes it possible for us to talk for far too long about far too many things.  The Telesa Series is about women and their often complex relationships as sisters, friends, mothers and daughters, which is why it makes total sense to dedicate the third and final book to a woman who at different times in my life – has been all of those things to me.

Finally, to all those who have kept me company on the writing journey, all those supportive generous readers worldwide – my forever gratitude. Diet Coke and donuts, for each and every one of you!

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  1. Lani thank you for helping me awaken a passion to be proactive and embracing motherhood the highs and low and of course introducing us all to the Telesa Trilogy. Your ability to write in a way where any of us can easily relate and be swept away. Thank you for encouraging us all to be all that we can be and not to be afraid to use our gifts that God has blessed us with. When I first met you I had a major Fan moment and was in awe of you lol but I have come to know that you are such a great warm hearted fun and hilirious person I will miss you when you go back to Samoa but home is where your heart is and Samoa is where your heart will always lie. Thanks for your inspiration Lani.

    1. Laureen, the best part of this 2yr writing journey – is the awesome women I get to connect with – especially when they just live up the road from me! Thank you so much for keeping me company on this journey and giving so generously of your enthusiastic support

  2. Touching dedication and it’s so true – Elena Peteru is such an awesome woman and friend!!!! I think it was through her and Pele that I learned about the Harry Potter series..while we were on a plane somewhere… (was too busy being a skank myself so I stopped reading for a while bahahahaha) but I will always remember her making an impact as a teacher on my younger brother Francis! She was also there to ‘just listen’ whenever I needed her. Fitting tribute – and true example of sisterhood.

    Great big hug and WTG Lani on releasing the third book!!! I’m sad too that L and D’s story have come to an end. But what an accomplishment and what a story. I can’t wait for it to go on the big screen!!! 🙂 Now hopefully you can get some much needed rest and don’t go reading up natural remedies to cure natural skin bacteria at 3am cause you know you’ll just put waaaaaayy too much fiery amounts of tea tree oil on your eye hahahaha xo (I laughed at that post cause I did the same thing years ago when someone in RS mentioned its curing properties lol) ….cussed at myself saying OMG “samoan balls!! I can’t believe I just put crap on my eyes bahahahahaha

    Celebrating with diet coke and donuts 🙂

  3. Oh Dear, Oh Dear!!! I didnt know we had reached that time already…This year is going by too fast…I wanted to buy that signed set thingy that you were talking about before. (I dont even remember how to find it now:(…) Is it too late? I’m going to head on over and get this one ASAP, but I cant miss my opportunity to get the signed books….especially since this is the last…Can I still do it *crosses fingers* and how?

      1. OMG. I think I will go. I really want to. I’m nervous though. I have no idea what I’ll do down there all alone.

        I’m sooo excited that I can still get it. I’m going to head over and get it now!!!

  4. AWESOME!!! BOUGHT IT as soon as I opened the email! WHOOHEE! Can’t WAIT to get started!!!!!

  5. YYYYAAAYYYYY! Now I can rest from all the threats that I’ve been getting because I often want to act like im the only insider to Lani Wendt Young our Samoan Superstar Author!! Ioe! im the only one who loves to act like I have clout and say well you may get FB updates I get her emails…lol! if they only knew I subscribe to your blog?!! they’d call me a block head! ehhh o ai care! lol, Congratulations!!, and as Im texting to everybody and their momma to go to Amazon and buy buy buy! and then to buy the hardcover to donate to my Cancer Foundation which will be having its kick off and first fashion show this Nov!! I want it as prizes! and of course the auction!! Godly proud of ya! praying Gods continued blessings on ya’ and yo’ hot man and lovely offsprings. 🙂

    Blessings, Malama 🙂

    1. LOL love this message Malama! Thank you for the vote of confidence. Now that this book is done maybe I can get off my backside and start following in my fabulous fitness husbands footsteps…ha. ( I wish!) Im going to be in Samoa at Teuila festival time to launch the book. I’d love to donate a Telesa Trilogy Set of all 3 books to your Cancer Foundation fundraiser if you think it would be helpful. Can you email me? LaniWendtYoung@hotmail.com See you in Samoa.

  6. Hi Lani my physical address is 39 Colwill road Massey 0614 thank tyou so much…… still sifting through my emails…



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