Lets Punish Pregnant Teenagers in Samoa

I'm angry - about schools that expel teenage students who get pregnant. Access to education is a necessity for every child, and a young woman in this situation has an even greater need for education as she is about to become a parent and teacher to her own child. A pregnant teenager needs a supportive… Continue reading Lets Punish Pregnant Teenagers in Samoa

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When a Man Beats a Woman

The idolization of rugby players should never come at the cost of the women in their lives. We place these athletes on a pedestal and our adulation props up a sporting culture which seems inextricably linked with alcohol and violence. Our rugby players have helped 'put Samoa on the map' and there are those who… Continue reading When a Man Beats a Woman

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Do Men Control the Malu?

Receiving a malu can be a deeply personal and empowering thing and I have great admiration for all those women who have undergone this ritual ceremony and bear their malu with pride. I don't have a malu. I am not an expert in Samoan cultural practises or the historical background of them - so this blog speaks… Continue reading Do Men Control the Malu?


Telesa 3 is Out Now

News Update folks, all the stars have aligned and the ebook version of 'The Bone Bearer' is available right now from Amazon. Remember, you don't need to own a Kindle to get your copy. You can download the free Kindle App to your phone or computer and then purchase your book. Its available for the… Continue reading Telesa 3 is Out Now

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Does your Plumbing Leak?

If you're a man - then you're not allowed to read this blog.  None of my kids are allowed to read it either. If you choose to disobey this directive, then I cannot be held responsible for the feelings of horror and/or disgust that may ensue. You have been warned. Today I want to talk… Continue reading Does your Plumbing Leak?