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The Alluring Mystery of Designer Shoes and Fly-Chaser Eyelashes

There are some mysteries that a man just should not try to decipher. Shoes is one of them.

I was in Samoa last week and my mum gave me a wonderful pair of shoes she’d bought in Hawaii. They were designer shoes and rather fantabulous.  In other words, NOT a pair of shoes I would EVER buy myself. Why was I afforded such a rare opportunity to have such shoes?

Because “they’re too hard for me to walk in so I cant wear them. They’re too high for me,” she explained. “I just like to put them on and sit and look at how nice my feet look in them.”

This was a difficult concept for my father to grasp. “You can’t wear them? But you bought them!”

“Yes, I bought them because they were so beautiful and my legs look extra wonderful in them,” explained Mum. Again.

“ cant walk in them….so why would you buy them?” There was sincere bewilderment on Dad’s face.

“Because they’re beautiful shoes,” said my mum. Again. “Look at them!”

My Dad looked at their blue and green glory but failed to ‘get it’. “I don’t understand. YOU bought them. You cant wear them but you bought them?”

At that point, Mum just gave up. And ignored him.

I tried the shoes on and then me and mum sat and sighed over their loveliness. Yes, they were lovely shoes. Especially when one is wearing them while sitting down.

I happily took the shoes back to New Zealand with me. And then to Brisbane for my book launch at Griffith University. They complemented my MENA top rather nicely and a very clever makeup artist, Rachel Olsen, transformed my face so I looked nothing like me. She even gave me false eyelashes which is a HUGE deal for me because I’ve never tried them before. They were very odd to wear and I kept blinking a lot, feeling like I could shoo away flies with those lashes. (So if you thought I was winking my eye at you during the book launch….sorry. No.)

When I walked across the stage to give my speech – all the young (and restless) young women in the front rows – gave my (Mum’s) shoes admiring glances. What does that say about me that my 70+ year old mother’s shoes are waaaaay more cooler than anything in my wardrobe? Hmmm. I was very grateful for the lovely shoes because it meant nobody cared what the rest of me looked like. Or, I’m sure, paid very much attention to the words coming out of my mouth. Good designer shoes can do that for a person. (Note to self, get ridiculously priced pair of shoes for next book event so I can be less worried about my speeches.)

Only problem was, that after an hour or two of book launch stuff – I had a horrible blister on my right foot. (Must be more coconut jungle savage than the other foot – less inclined to be worthy of palagi designer shoes…) One must smile a great deal at book launches. And make engaging conversation. One cannot grimace. Mutter curse words. Or hobble along in obvious discomfort. Especially not when fashionable young Telesa readers are complimenting your shoes. I excused myself from the crowd and retreated.

To the tiny kitchen where all the food was being prepped and very nice ladies took pity on me and went to find Band Aids. I found strength in a few cupcakes and comfort in Band Aids and went forth to sign books as a (fake) fashionable author. When the launch was done, I was starving (of course) and so fabulous Brisbane friends took me to the Pancake Manor in the city.  And I smiled bravely and kept walking with painful fashionable flair, winking my artificial eyelashes at everybody.

I’m happy to report that I wore those shoes for eight hours straight. (And those eyelashes.) I didn’t take the shoes off and go jungle barefoot until 2am, walking down the street in the city while my fabulous (LOUD) friends Gau, Glenda, Sisilia and Junior ( the tallest and most shamaaahzing #Simone ever)  were the Von Trapp family and belting out numbers from the Sound of Music. (which is what happens when you’re drunk on too much diet Coke and pancakes)

In other words a great night. And although I very much doubt I’ll be wearing fly-chaser eyelashes and designer shoes to work in my hermit cave – I understand now why they’re alluring things to wear. Once in a while.

Check it! Check out the shoes…. Sitting beside the stunning beauty of Sisilia Eteuati and her malu.
With Glenda, powerhouse planner of the Brisbane Launch and Sisilia Eteuati who flew in from Sydney to speak on the malu tattoo. I know its difficult to notice them when Im standing alongside two such gorgeous women – but can you see the shoes?
With Junior Levi – I doubt a more multi-talented #Simone can be found anywhere on the planet. (He’s certainly the tallest at 7’2) He’s President of the Griffith Univ. Pasifika Student’s Assoc, reps for Australia on the Aust Men’s Netball team and sings in a pretty awesome band. So yeah… you cant see the eyelashes OR the shoes in this one, not next to Junior’s fabulousness.

12 thoughts on “The Alluring Mystery of Designer Shoes and Fly-Chaser Eyelashes”

  1. your shoes are wonderful and the lashes compliment them,looks like its all go for you, enjoying the book btw.

  2. Loved the shoes.. I recognised them from your mum’s facebook post after the trip to Hawaii..Loved Levi..I looked WAYYYYY up at him..and he called me Dahhling..Loving the first book..I told my daughter I would have it finished by next week so she can read it..the way I’m going I will have the three read..Lovely to meet Leone’s youngest grandaughter who was with us asked if we were going to meet Aunty Lani… they already call Leone Aunty!!
    Thanks for a great evening and for some great reading.x

    1. Zoia I was rather nervous – Tanya told me you might be coming to the book launch and I was immediately apprehensive since I would be the ‘first’ one from our side to “officially” meet you and what if I was a disappointment and let the family down?!!! LOL Thank you so much for the support and Im very glad you enjoyed the program. I only wish we’d had more time to chat (especially strategic chatting about you know who and you know what…LOL) Lovely to meet you all and very much looking forward to meeting up again…. And yes, Junior is fabulous. He was helping with all the school workshops during the week and the students just love him. A great role model and very approachable as well for the young ones.

  3. See guys don’t understand, designer shoes are like a fine automobile. How many guys buy a classic Corvette or a Ferrari that just sits in the garage or on display collecting dust? It’s the same concept with women and shoes. We may not be able to walk in them, but they look beautiful on our feet. I for one walk into the event in my heels and switch them out with a pair of comfortable shoes after everyone sees me. For the rest of the even I carry around the uncomfortable good looking shoes like ‘These are the shoes I intended to wear, but you know..’.

  4. And I thought it was just my wife that had the shoe obsession which I never understood.

  5. What fun to have been one of the Von Trapps on that walk! Your friends are a blast, Lani.
    Speaking as a shoe fanatic with an enabler husband, shoes are the most important part of the outfit! That’s usually the item I choose first. You were rockin’ those heels!

  6. Those are cute, but I know where you can find some Poly-fabulous shoes that are one of a kind. Check out “Through Him First Designs” on Facebook. I don’t EVER wear heals, but his gorgeous artwork on these shoes have me reconsidering!

  7. I’m still young, so I can last in heels pretty long….but still not as long as I’m sure you did. Last year though, I sprained my knee and ever since then It’s been a bit harder for me to go as long as I used to in them. I just found out about these cool ballet flats that can roll up and fit into a small purse. I cant remember where to find them though, but you can believe that when I do, I’m buying them. Theres nothing worse than being at an event where your feet hurt and you have to actually talk to people and not look like your feet hurt…annnd you know that there’s still like 5 hours left of time in those shoes. But the shoes are just so cute. You can’t help but buy them!

    Whenever I can I tell my boyfriend my knee hurts (even if it’s only my feet that hurt, or even if I;m just lazy) and he takes pity on my lying self and finds me a chair from thin air and doesnt berate me for being anti-social.

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