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Where is this Sleepless Woman?!

Checking in from Samoa with a few quick announcement s:

1. Brisbane was a blast and you can read all about it here – ‘Bone Bearer Launched in Brisbane

2. Then I dashed home to Auckland to hug the Fab 5 before coming to Samoa for a week of book events. It kicked off with the Robert Louis Stevenson Memorial Gala Evening at Vailima. I was invited to speak and when I was done, they surprised me with this:



Very honored and rather overwhelmed.

3. Oh, and Im now an official ‘columnist’ for the Samoa Observer, with a weekly column which will run every Monday.  Am forcing myself to write outside my usual box…for a different audience…AND to a deadline. (scary!)  My first piece featured last week and you can read it here:

Holding Life in Your Hands’

4. I did a few radio interviews with Radio Australia and Radio NZ and you can listen to them here:

Radio Australia Pacific Beat: Samoan Author Takes New Book Home’

Radio NZ :  and another one on Radio NZ

5. If any of my five blog readers live in Samoa, then here’s the program for the Samoa book events this coming week:


830am – Author visit to St Mary’s College

1130am – Author Talk and Book launch hosted by National University of Samoa. Free and open to the public. Books will be available for purchase and signing there , from SSAB store. $55.00 ST


11am – 4pm Book signing at Samoa Stationery and Books, Togafuafua Store. First 10 customers also get free Telesa Trilogy poster.


11am – 230pm Book signing hosted by Carruthers Store, Pago Plaza. One day only. (My first Telesa visit to Pago and Im super excited, yay!)

In Samoa, you can purchase copies of the new book from: SSAB, Plantation House, Luckys Foodtown.

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Where is this Sleepless Woman?!”

  1. Loved your piece on the newspaper this week! Read it over and over! Keep up the good work and hope you’re enjoying your time here xo

  2. Will you be selling your books here in Pago during your book signing? THANK YOU SO MUCH for thinking about Pago. I was telling my sister (who lives in the states, a die hard fan of yours & introduced me to your books ^_^ ) how lucky Apia was to have you twice (at least from what I read) ^_^!! Now you will be here so i’m looking forward to reading your books! G’Dluck & safe travels!

  3. Congrats, Lani! It is so gratifying to be recognized for what you bring to the world! I WISH I was able to be there…one day…one day! I can only grin and cheer for you from USA! Go Lani! Go Lani!

  4. The story of Litia and Vaega was so touching. I cried through your speech. Thank you Lani for making everything so meaningful with your words.

  5. Lani, that article for the Samoan Observer was wonderful! I hope you’ll post the links for future articles here as we’ll so we can follow along. Vaega’s story is not just amazing, but really puts our duty to learn all we can into perspective. Of course our families come first, and we need to take care of ourselves, but we also have an obligation to give back to our community.

    Your award was well deserved, too. There are so few voices from Samoa reaching the rest of the world. Too many people still don’t know where it is, what the culture is like, or even that it exists! Your work is opening up a beautiful people and place to all of us unable to see it for ourselves. I, personally, thank you.


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