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When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.

Some conversations with a six year old just NEED to be preserved for posterity.

This morning, Bella was feeling wistful. “I want a boyfriend.”

I was horrified. “What!? Why? You’re too little. You don’t need a boyfriend.”

“You have Dad. I want my own boyfriend,” she replied indignantly.

I tried to be understanding. “But why? What do you want one for?”

“Because a boyfriend can clean the house for you and help you do all your work. Then you won’t have to do any jobs. If I have a boyfriend I will have a super helper to do all my work.”

“Whaaaaat?!” Where did this child get such an idea from I wonder?

But she’s not done. There’s more. ” And I will get a clever builder boyfriend so he will build me a play house and a playground and a castle with a slide and a movie theatre in it. And he will snuggle me whenever I want him to. And go clean the house whenever its dirty.”

I am speechless. I think this child is making an overly astute observation of me and the Hot Man’s relationship.

3 thoughts on “When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.”

  1. Now that is adorable she wants to be like her loving parents who are obviously crazy about each lol you should write a book about Bella her personality is so easy to fall in love with 🙂

  2. She’s such a cutie! Remember kids are like cameras, they capture everything that you really dont pay much attention to. She’s a very smart little girl! One of these days Bella, you will find a boyfriend that I hope will give you everything you wish for in life, still too young to understand but it sounds like she’s living in that dream world, always good to learn about your kids and the wonderful ideas they have. Youre lucky to have such an amazing and bright little girl.

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