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When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.

Some conversations with a six year old just NEED to be preserved for posterity. This morning, Bella was feeling wistful. "I want a boyfriend." I was horrified. "What!? Why? You're too little. You don't need a boyfriend." "You have Dad. I want my own boyfriend," she replied indignantly. I tried to be understanding. "But why?… Continue reading When your Six Yr old Wants a Boyfriend.


Love that Blows Your Mind

"I love you Bella. My love for you is more than alllllll the stars in the universe." I say lovingly as I hug and kiss her at bedtime. Because I'm a writer and I can't ever just say, I love you...No, I have to add in some beautiful poignant imagery as well. Her response? "I love… Continue reading Love that Blows Your Mind

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“You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

A while back, Bella was getting dressed for school when she uttered words that broke my heart. "Mama, I'm fat. But I want to be skinny like Kelly. See my tummy?" She pulled up her shirt to show me a beautiful belly that loves tickles. And I looked at my five year old daughter - really… Continue reading “You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”


Love Your Body. (or try to)

I stopped at the store with a van full of children (don't ask me where they all came from...pesky pests are like mosquitos you can't get rid of)  - to buy stuff to make a salad. I left them in the car ( of course) and dashed in. Where I was promptly distracted by sugar… Continue reading Love Your Body. (or try to)

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Hedgehog Lies

Hedgehogs live in New Zealand. I didn’t know this until I saw one creep, creep, creeping across the driveway and over the lawn. A spiky little splodge with feet. I shrieked. The hedgehog probably had a mild heart attack. (But it concealed it well and carried on about its creeping business.) The children were entranced. Bella followed… Continue reading Hedgehog Lies


Snowball Dooms Samoan Author’s Dreams

Reporting to you live from Kansas City Missouri...   So it snowed for 24 hours. And it was beautiful. I went out in it. I took photos of it. I put photos of it on Facebook. (As you do.) And when a TELESA reader in Sydney, Australia challenged me to wear a lavalava and jandals in it… Continue reading Snowball Dooms Samoan Author’s Dreams

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I Want a Penis

This morning, Bella wants to know, "What's that thing called so you can stand up and pee?" She mimes standing there with an imaginary something in her hands, spraying imaginary pee everywhere in a really cool way. Explaining, "See, make it go that way. Make it go over there. Make it go over here." I… Continue reading I Want a Penis