My New Book is Here

Surprise! I released my new book early. Because I really really wish all my favorite authors and favorite shows would take pity on me and release their next books/seasons early! 😭 (Hello Im looking at you Yellowstone, Bridgerton, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs…) Is anyone else weary sad from pandemic plagues and wars and lockdowns and… Continue reading My New Book is Here

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Why I deserve a Gold Medal

So if you’re a hermit introvert (with the added plus of an anxiety disorder) like me, then you will already know about the incredible amount of energy and angst that can go into leaving the house for a social gathering. It doesn’t matter if it’s an event you’re really looking forward to, with people you… Continue reading Why I deserve a Gold Medal


The Process: How I Write a Book.

Every author’s process for writing a novel is different. They may even have several different approaches that they use for different genres. I wrote my first novel TELESĀ ten years ago and I’m now preparing to launch my fourteenth novel, MATA OTI. In that time, I have changed how I write, often according to my… Continue reading The Process: How I Write a Book.


Don’t Shame Us. Don’t Shut us Up. (How to better support and empower a survivor of Sexual Abuse.)

This blogpost needs a content warning for rape, abuse and swearing. And it's really long.   Since writing publicly about my abuse four months ago, I've had to deal with a myriad of different reactions - many positive, some negative, and a few downright horrible. Some of the fall-out from my writing caused shockwaves that I didn't… Continue reading Don’t Shame Us. Don’t Shut us Up. (How to better support and empower a survivor of Sexual Abuse.)


Im Not Ready For the Rapture

Confession time. 1.I've never been to a REAL concert. 2. I really enjoy Eminem's music. The poetry and raw power of his lyrics, the story behind his rage and hurt and passions, and the journey you take through his music from the 'beginning' to now. 3. I wrote quite a lot of TELESA to Eminem's… Continue reading Im Not Ready For the Rapture


The Mountain Of Misery

Some people see a mountain and think - I should hike up that. Joy! Other people see a mountain and can admire it's splendour from a distance. Like from the comfort of their comfy chair at their desk. Such people can say, "What a lovely mountain. We should leave it alone and never disturb its… Continue reading The Mountain Of Misery


Return to Paradise: Marketplace Memories

A trip to the market took me on a meandering journey to my childhood. Food especially does tend to have that effect on me... Crisp, tangy green vi fruit. We would smash these on the cement driveway to get through the hard skin to the crunchy white insides. In vi season when the tree across… Continue reading Return to Paradise: Marketplace Memories


Sometimes, Samoa Sucks.

It took fourteen days for it to happen. For me to cry/freakout/meltdown/puke and rage - and ask, myself...the universe...the three legged dog on the side of the road...the uncaring blazing sun...the hot-as-hell little car with horribly useless air conditioning: WHY THE HELL DID I MOVE BACK HERE???!!! WHY DID I LEAVE MY NICE CAVE IN… Continue reading Sometimes, Samoa Sucks.


A Day in Samoa

This is the hill right outside our driveway. Its my early morning nemesis because I'm trying to avoid dying an early lazy-writer's death - by going for an energizing walk every day. I walk to the top and then feel like puking. I walk down and up the next hill, then feel like puking. Perhaps… Continue reading A Day in Samoa