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This is what children do when there’s no Xbox, Disney Channel or Cartoon Network, broadband and the PSP batteries are dead…

Actually, correction – this is what they do when they are “dying” suffering from abundant- technology withdrawal and their mother is sick and tired of hearing them whine about how bored they are, so she buys a pack of cards and snarls, “Stop being pests before i spray you with Mortein and go play nicely!”

What activities did YOU do when you were a kid and electricity and internet hadnt been invented yet? Okay, so maybe youre not as prehistoric as me…but seriously though, what fun stuff did you get up to that didnt involve TV etc?

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  1. Climbing up trees pretending I was a bird – Result – 10 Stitches & a broken arm. Playing Detective and investigating the washing machine (you know the old ones with 2 rollers lol I’m showing my age now lol) – Result – Putting arm between the rollers and tearing my underarm, 22 stitches, a week in hospital and all the ice cream I wanted lol. I remember having thousands of friends only I could see lol. These days if you have imaginary friends it’s a quick visit to a Mental Health Institute lol. Good times lol.

    1. Were from th same era…we had a roller washing machine too lol. We did heaps of tree climbing – basically lived in trees after school and yet, i dont think my kids have ever climbed a tree. (and if they tried their mother yelled at them to get down…)

  2. My brothers and I used to create obstacle courses in the backyard – climbing over the fence, up the tree, sprinting to the corner and so on and so on, backyard cricket and have slo-mo sword fights lol…oooh, we also built a tree hut!

  3. Let’s see … early form of scrap-booking and journal keeping …. a bucket of chalk and different sized balls to muck around outside … bug collecting 😀 , although in Samoa – that might not be the best activity … socialising with the neighbourhood kids (nicer way of saying battles!) …. card game championships for the feaus 😀

    1. Bug collecting – makes me smile.My dad offered my then five yr old son five sene for every African Snail he collected from the garden – so my son would gather big buckets of icky snails. Ugh.

  4. There was a game called “mu” that my brothers played a lot. We played that and had races with the neighbors kids. Sometimes, when the cotton would begin to bloom from the tree, we’d play race and who ever lost would stand high above a rock wall and dodge the cotton sprouts (I don’t know what they’re called lol). At night, we’d sit in a circle and play “kaisu”, cried when we lost and played “lami” with the old folks.. 🙂

    1. Musa, igave’a, tiptop, suipi, lalapunda, tether ball, Eva I le ‘auvai, pu’e kuga, pu’e large, etcthe list goes on 🙂

  5. #Playing tag climbing trees have to run and climb a tree jump off and climb another tree!! #cowboys and Indians where we would use home made slingshots made of rubber band and rolled up paper ( these suckers hurt) ..build a corral with mats etc and let lose.. You know it’s too serious when your big brothers are walking around with colander as helmets!! #Races that would go on and on until someone cries because it’s unfair she/ he took off first! # Endless games of ‘Lape’. #Playing dolls with mums empty perfume bottles!!! Playing marbles and knuckle bones!!!! Endless fun!!!

  6. We use to play bull rush, tiggy, hide & go seek, would get on our bikes and race around the block to see who had the fastest time and keep going til we would beat that time, elastics, sprinting races, marbles, tops, gutterball, knuckle bones, handball were just some of the faves. Best times ever playing with family and friends from the neighborhood 🙂

  7. fun & games as child growing up on Tutuila, lol, what is that? feau, feau, feau…fai saka, koli ulu, tai popo…wasn’t required because i was of a different religion, but i wish i had taken the invitation to aoga Samoa with the LMS kids…and when there was time to play, it was lape [kick/hit ball] & ive’a [hide & seek]…

  8. I was writing stories. It’s definitely one of the best educational activities. And quite fun too! Not everyone likes writing and creating stories though… 🙂

  9. Bike riding, tag, Mr Freeze ( tag variation), jacks, cards, clay sculpture and drawing, hanging with our block friends (in Queens, NY, where I grew up part if the time, the kids on the block were a gang (good, not real gangs), and we’d adventure all over the neighborhood on our bike caravans. Great fun, and great exercise, too! Way too sedentary now, as many kids are (my son included) who are so plugged in to technology!

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