My New Book is Here

Surprise! I released my new book early. Because I really really wish all my favorite authors and favorite shows would take pity on me and release their next books/seasons early! 😭 (Hello Im looking at you Yellowstone, Bridgerton, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs…)

Is anyone else weary sad from pandemic plagues and wars and lockdowns and the general dismal state of the world? I am. And I’m so grateful to the artists who write books and make TV shows for us. Sometimes I just need to get lost in a good book, distracted by a fun show, refreshed by a great story.

So anyway, EARTH’S EMBRACE is a novella in the Telesa World. All about Leila and Daniel. It was supposed to release in a few more weeks. But I said, what the heck, let’s do it now!

If you’re looking for some Telesa World distraction, then enjoy!



(Note that the ebook link is direct to my store. When you buy direct, I get a few more cents YAY! and you can choose what format you want to download your ebook in. Bookfunnel will deliver your copy to your Kindle App, Nook, Apple, Google books, etc. Plus they have a fab support team available 24-7 to help you.)