Changing the world for my Daughter

Bella's doing NCEA English, and she needs to read and then write essay responses to poems and short stories. I'm ridiculously proud-happy I could give her a copy of Va and say, HERE YA GO. CHOOSE SOMETHING FROM THIS ANTHOLOGY OF WRITING FROM 38 MOANA WOMEN. I didnt have those choices when I was in… Continue reading Changing the world for my Daughter


My New Book is Here

Surprise! I released my new book early. Because I really really wish all my favorite authors and favorite shows would take pity on me and release their next books/seasons early! šŸ˜­ (Hello Im looking at you Yellowstone, Bridgerton, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggsā€¦) Is anyone else weary sad from pandemic plagues and wars and lockdowns and… Continue reading My New Book is Here


Warriors from Weavers

The coastal village of Matala prided itself on being a community that worked together. United to carry out village projects. Their village had won first place in the Teuila Festival National Dance competition, for the last five years running. Their cricket team was unbeatable in Upolu. And they were awarded certificates every year in the… Continue reading Warriors from Weavers


Some fia-show, fiapoto news!

I'm thrilled to have FIRE'S CARESS shortlisted alongside some brilliant books in the 2021 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Congratulations to all the authors! FIRE'S CARESS is the sixth book in the Telesa world. The judges said of Teuila and Keahi's story - "Lani Wendt Young brings her characteristic linguistic flair… Continue reading Some fia-show, fiapoto news!

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Has it really been TEN years?!

This year is the 10th anniversary of my first novel, Telesa. The book of my heart that was rejected by 30+ agents/publishers, so we published it ourselves - has since become the story that has lit a #PasifikaReadingFire in so many worldwide. I am honored that Telesa has influenced and inspired many other Oceania creatives… Continue reading Has it really been TEN years?!

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The Mata-Lulu Model

This writing thing has given me the opportunity to have some pretty awesome experiences. Like get DietCoke drunk in E.L James hotel suiteĀ  in Kansas City with a fabulous group of women writers. Ride to a book launch in Sydney, in style inĀ  sleek low-rider cars and have specialtyĀ cakes and donuts made #TelesaStyle. Go back… Continue reading The Mata-Lulu Model


I helped write a MOOC in Philadelphia. (WTH??)

I've been travelling and book touring (and eating lots of delicious new foods while I'm at it...) so my poor blog has been rather neglected! I'm all done though with book launch stuff and back to full-time parent duty because the Hot Man has moved to Samoa for work. So I'm ready to get into… Continue reading I helped write a MOOC in Philadelphia. (WTH??)


The Next Book in the Telesa Series

I'm working on a new book in the Telesa Series - that picks up the story of Teuila, Keahi and a few of the other characters, about eight years after 'The Bone Bearer' story finishes. I don't have a title yet and its very much a work in progress, but I'm excited about the new… Continue reading The Next Book in the Telesa Series

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I am a Coconut.

So Amazon opened a JapaneseĀ division a while back, selling ebooks and stuff. I was looking through my (sad) sales reports and saw, "Hey! I sold a book in Japan!" Sooooo cool. Then I noticed they bought it for $339.00. Double-take. Say what? Do they love me that much in Japan? I get a little excited.Ā Okay,… Continue reading I am a Coconut.

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When Daughters Drive you Nuts

Sometimes, daughters can drive you nuts. Big Daughter is a writer and a poet. She is a disgustingly intelligent child. I can even concede she is far more intelligent then I will ever be. (Not that Iā€™m biased or anything. What do I know, Iā€™m just her mother.) I am very proud of Big Daughter… Continue reading When Daughters Drive you Nuts