Dangerous Kisses

We avoided it for 3 yrs but its finally happened. The plague got us. That man who lives in the same house as me, came home 5 days ago from New Zealand. We did not yet know he had covid, so I confess that I kissed him heaps. Which was reckless I admit (In my… Continue reading Dangerous Kisses


The Journey begins – with Serena Williams. And chocolate eclairs.

I turn fifty next year (wow I know, I'm old!) So I made a list of things I want to do in my fiftieth year of awesomeness. Number one on the list, is I want to do a marathon. And not die. In preparation for that, I have to do a half- marathon THIS year.… Continue reading The Journey begins – with Serena Williams. And chocolate eclairs.


Best Youth Novel – Sir Julius Vogel Awards

I won? That shout you heard last night from my house here in Lotopa, startling all the birds asleep in the mango tree outside - was me. Finding out that my book FIRE'S CARESS was announced in Wellington NZ, as the winner of the BEST YOUTH NOVEL award in the 2022 Sir Julius Vogel Awards.… Continue reading Best Youth Novel – Sir Julius Vogel Awards


Dogs are Better than Children.

It’s been more than two years since we saw Big Son. He went to New Zealand for a job interview, got a fabulous job and stayed there. He’s living his best life. It’s been more than a year since we saw Big Daughter. She’s in New Zealand too, living her bestest life, working a fab… Continue reading Dogs are Better than Children.


Living with Covid in Samoa?

My ongoing #lockdownDiary of random observations and fiapoto thoughts! From my privileged position of being able to lock down with my teenager, both of us working/schooling from home, while Darren goes to work at Young Steel. Samoa locks down for two weeks and goes from one community Covid case to 2000+. Either we are doing… Continue reading Living with Covid in Samoa?


Why did I write ‘Afakasi Woman’?

I was an English teacher in Samoa for several years. The challenge was how to help nurture a love for reading in my students – when usually all we had were books written by white people, set in white people places, in a world where white people did all the thinking/talking/acting/feeling, and the rest of… Continue reading Why did I write ‘Afakasi Woman’?


The Process: How I Write a Book.

Every author’s process for writing a novel is different. They may even have several different approaches that they use for different genres. I wrote my first novel TELESĀ ten years ago and I’m now preparing to launch my fourteenth novel, MATA OTI. In that time, I have changed how I write, often according to my… Continue reading The Process: How I Write a Book.

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What else could possibly go wrong?! Everything.

I wrote this in my journal two years ago and am sharing it here because I still need the reminder! I wrote it after finishing my first EnTri triathlon which was a 500m swim, 10km bike, and 3km run. Almost everything that could go wrong in my triathlon yesterday - went wrong. I had an… Continue reading What else could possibly go wrong?! Everything.


Some fia-show, fiapoto news!

I'm thrilled to have FIRE'S CARESS shortlisted alongside some brilliant books in the 2021 New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Congratulations to all the authors! FIRE'S CARESS is the sixth book in the Telesa world. The judges said of Teuila and Keahi's story - "Lani Wendt Young brings her characteristic linguistic flair… Continue reading Some fia-show, fiapoto news!

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Has it really been TEN years?!

This year is the 10th anniversary of my first novel, Telesa. The book of my heart that was rejected by 30+ agents/publishers, so we published it ourselves - has since become the story that has lit a #PasifikaReadingFire in so many worldwide. I am honored that Telesa has influenced and inspired many other Oceania creatives… Continue reading Has it really been TEN years?!