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Bad Mothers are Junkies. And hypocrites.

Don't you just hate it when your kid grows up to be (marginally) smarter than you? And then he doesn't have the sense to hide it from you?A small confession first. (Because of course, I'm all about protecting my privacy and never, ever blab my mouth off about anything personal on here. Ever.) So, very… Continue reading Bad Mothers are Junkies. And hypocrites.

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"Make it Hurt so Good"

 I'm not very good with pain. It hurts. Duh. When I was a teenager I had one ear pierced. I told people that it was because everybody has two ears pierced and I'm just rebellious like that. When the truth was, I only got one ear done because it hurt and I didn't want to deal with pain on… Continue reading "Make it Hurt so Good"