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First Born of My Heart

Big Son turned eighteen the other day. I cried. (Of course.) He rejoiced. Of course. As we helped him celebrate the occasion with a social gathering of his friends (aka a party), I reflected on the journey I've taken with this first born child of my heart. There are pro's and con's about being the… Continue reading First Born of My Heart

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When Daughters Drive you Nuts

Sometimes, daughters can drive you nuts. Big Daughter is a writer and a poet. She is a disgustingly intelligent child. I can even concede she is far more intelligent then I will ever be. (Not that I’m biased or anything. What do I know, I’m just her mother.) I am very proud of Big Daughter… Continue reading When Daughters Drive you Nuts

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Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.

What Big Son is wearing this week. You know what I hate? The law of the universe which dictates that your child* will only ever have a volcanic raging fever - in the middle of the night. Play all day, run wild outdoors then clock strikes twelve? Pumpkin coach explodes. Fever, crash and burn.* will only… Continue reading Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.

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Bad Mothers are Junkies. And hypocrites.

Don't you just hate it when your kid grows up to be (marginally) smarter than you? And then he doesn't have the sense to hide it from you?A small confession first. (Because of course, I'm all about protecting my privacy and never, ever blab my mouth off about anything personal on here. Ever.) So, very… Continue reading Bad Mothers are Junkies. And hypocrites.

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Dirty Words

                     What I wish uku-killing assassins looked like.Today I'm going to use some filthy language on this blog. Guaranteed to send the fainter-hearted amongst you, running for the hills.Head lice.We've got 'em. Do you?I've blogged about this nasty stuff before - Waging War on Princess Leia Only… Continue reading Dirty Words

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Seductive and magnetic dark attractions…

Big Son's favorite deoderant is something called 'Lynx Chocolate'. I was shopping for Xmas presents and saw an entire set of matching products - a bodywash and cologne. So like a nice mother, I bought him the gift pack. Today I was having a shower when the label of the the Lynx bodywash caught my… Continue reading Seductive and magnetic dark attractions…

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I hate being married and having children.

When it's time to get ready to go out. Anywhere where looking nice is required. Dinner. Church. Mall. Movies. Book function.I don't know about you, but I used to like getting dressed up to go somewhere nice. It took time, thought, planning and some angst, but it was fun. For example, a very long time… Continue reading I hate being married and having children.

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I went to the White House. And I wasn’t speechless with awe.

 #2 in the 12 Days of Christmas Traditions - The Christmas Decor of Doom and Destruction.        "Mothers are the makers of Christmas magic and memories." This is my mother's Christmas philosophy. This is what drives her every year to transform our house into a veritable Christmas wonderland. Nobody tops my mother's Christmas… Continue reading I went to the White House. And I wasn’t speechless with awe.

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Possessive "Angry Face" Love

                              Show your angry face!There are cousins staying at our house. Which we are really enjoying because there are children all the same age as my Fab5 so plenty of fun, laughter and festive season spirit around here right now.Except for… Continue reading Possessive "Angry Face" Love

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A Mother Heart.

I had to speak at church about motherhood and what it means to 'have a mother heart'.  Preparing for that got me thinking about this (often crazy) parenting journey that I'm on. I don't often do this on my blog - but today I'd like to share some things that are an essential foundation in… Continue reading A Mother Heart.