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What did you Read and LOVE in High School English?

“Are your stories based on real experiences that have happened in your own life?” This is a question that I get a lot, and one that I’m sure a lot of writers get. I’ve been writing short fiction for a lot longer than I’ve been writing my (trashy) books and it’s been rewarding to see… Continue reading What did you Read and LOVE in High School English?

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Teachers with superpowers

My son’s English teacher is taking leave for 3 weeks. Which means the school is looking for a substitute. And I have struck horror in my son's heart by telling him that I have taken on the job.(cue wicked witch laugh right here)…Its been 9 years since I was an English teacher. I quit when… Continue reading Teachers with superpowers

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One day…

A long time ago I used to teach English to teenagers at Robert Louis Stevenson School here in Samoa. And they used to teach me lots of other far more valuable stuff. Like how NOT to win a popularity contest with teenagers. (dont tell them off in front of their boyfriends from St Joe. Because… Continue reading One day…