My Muscles Are Busting Out of My Shirt

Big Son came to tell me that he had gotten Bigger. Over the holidays. He was wearing his school uniform. He stood in the doorway and flexed a muscle boy flex pose. "See Mum? I think I need new shirts. My chest, my back, my arms - they've grown and I cant fit these shirts… Continue reading My Muscles Are Busting Out of My Shirt

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He’s Taking Over the World.

I did something stupid and bought Big Son the latest Halo game. I told myself he would finish it in one week and that would be that. Ha. I should have done my research first. Because yes, Big Son finished every level in Halo4 in one week. But then he hooked up with the entire… Continue reading He’s Taking Over the World.

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She’s Got Six Boyfriends.

There was a disco at Bella's preschool tonight. She's been super excited for days. She picked out what outfit she wanted to wear and as I helped her get dressed, she said, "I'm gonna see my boyfriend there."I'm calm, cool and collected.  "Oh really? Who?" Bella fluffs up her skirt and answers, "Brayden. He's my number… Continue reading She’s Got Six Boyfriends.

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Deceit and Dorkville

Winter sales are wonderful. I bought Bella some new clothes for preschool. I love them. She doesn't. She doesn't want to wear new purple sweatpants from Cotton On Kids. With a matching hoodie top. No, she wants to keep wearing the pink pants with holes in them from TnT KidsWear that she's been wearing for… Continue reading Deceit and Dorkville

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Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.

What Big Son is wearing this week. You know what I hate? The law of the universe which dictates that your child* will only ever have a volcanic raging fever - in the middle of the night. Play all day, run wild outdoors then clock strikes twelve? Pumpkin coach explodes. Fever, crash and burn.* will only… Continue reading Google Loves me More than My Mum Does.

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The Problem with Aliens

Oh yeah - I know how you feel Sigourney...One thing they never tell you before you have kids - is how your space, your room, your air, your thoughts ( even all the ones you havent even thought yet) - none of it will ever belong to you again. Never, ever.Children start taking over even… Continue reading The Problem with Aliens

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An Author Meets a Gladiator.

In the weekend I was a guest speaker at a super awesome conference that targeted Pacific youth in South Auckland. Organized by Accelerating Aotearoa, their aim is to help connect young people with potential careers and training opportunities and other really useful stuff like that. I was honored to be invited and put a lot… Continue reading An Author Meets a Gladiator.

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Who’s Pregnant/Doing Drugs/Getting Wasted Everyday/Running Away?!

A while back, Big Son was in a weird mood.  "You know I'm going to be seventeen soon? And then I'm going to finish high school?""Yeah, so?""Well, seventeen is soooo old! What have I really done with my life? What have I achieved? Where am I headed? It all seems so meaningless right now, you… Continue reading Who’s Pregnant/Doing Drugs/Getting Wasted Everyday/Running Away?!

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Can I kiss you?

                      See? this baby looks happy to hug!One of the nicest things about children is that you always have someone to get your daily requirement of physical affection from. Children give the bestest hugs and the nicest kisses. Especially when they're fresh out of a… Continue reading Can I kiss you?

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Get this Mother on an Airplane.

So I'm flying to Samoa in a few hours. I'm a mother of five children who doesn't get to travel very often. Because, these are the things that I'm excited about:1. Walking through the departure zone very slowly. Meandering through Duty Free stores. ( Who cares if I can afford to buy anything or not.)Stopping… Continue reading Get this Mother on an Airplane.