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I Need a Man of Steel

So I'm a full-time writer now. What does that mean? It means that every morning, the Hot Man drives me to the library and leaves me there until 7pm at night. But first, I make him stop at the bakery up the road so I can get my lunch. A brown bread corned beef sandwich,… Continue reading I Need a Man of Steel

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Doing it HIS way.

I've been away from the Young and Restless family for 9 days. In that time, they have magically become these strange people who:*wake up early every morning*are always on time to school*get to church EARLYNot only that, but apparently, while I was away, Big Son cooked dinner every night -without complaining. Bella Beast allowed herself… Continue reading Doing it HIS way.

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8 Realizations of a Multitasking, Kick-ass Kinda Super Woman

Where I once aspired to be.When people used to ask me how I could have five children (and write, teach, homeschool 3 of them, office manage, research, have a beautiful house, do my own eyebrows and bake the best cookies that ever lived outside Mrs Fields kitchen ) I really wanted to shrug nonchalantly, wave… Continue reading 8 Realizations of a Multitasking, Kick-ass Kinda Super Woman