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Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai

We've had six Tattoo Time Tributes here on Sleepless in Samoa and today marks a historic first in the series - our first female feature! (Because we are an equal opportunity and non-sexist blogosphere.) We like to pay tribute to tattoos and the Polynesians who rock them because they play a huge part in  my… Continue reading Tattoo Time:Natasha Kai

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Tattoo Time: Brad Tavares

Back by overwhelming demand and fighting out of the CENSORSHIP corner...I'm happy to present Tattoo Time! Where we studiously examine the artistry and cultural significance of some Polynesian tattoos and (more specifically) the Polynesians who rock them. Today's feature is Brad  Kaipo Tavares from Hawaii. Brad is an American professional mixed martial arts fighter who… Continue reading Tattoo Time: Brad Tavares

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Tattoo Time: A tribute to Tim Cahill’s Body Art

Tattoo Tribute Time again where we celebrate tattoos and the Polynesians who rock them, in anticipation of the TELESA book launch. I hope I don't need to remind you that this blog feature is about TATTOOS and nothing else.Today's feature is the first Samoan to achieve worldwide legendary status, not a rugby player. No,… Continue reading Tattoo Time: A tribute to Tim Cahill’s Body Art