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"Sell me Your Bed"

Big Son: "Hi Bella, can I have a hug?"4yr old Bella: "No."Big Son: "Pleease?"Bella: "Give me fifty cents and I hug you."Big Son ( aghast): "What!?"I am somewhat troubled by my 4yr old's willingness to exchange affection for cash...BUT I am impressed with her entrepeneurial spirit. It got me thinking about a similar little girl… Continue reading "Sell me Your Bed"

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Trash Talking.

My little sister fought in the ring the other week and won her first muaythai fight. I am hugely proud of her. I have a sister who can kick muaythai ass! What did I do? I told my sister she was really bufff and looked like a man. I told her she needed to either… Continue reading Trash Talking.