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Why you should join the electronic-book dance party.

Do you want to have thousands of books at your fingertips? Everything from the classics – to the latest bestseller – to the hottest romance – the funniest chick lit – even the most engaging kids fiction? If you love to read and you havent discovered electronic books then you REALLY need to join this revolution. (Okay so I know that e-books have been around for a while but as usual Im a little late to the party and only just getting up the courage to join everyone else on the dancefloor!)

It is a rather mindblasting revoluion. For example, on Amazon.com you can peruse books, test-read sample chapters before you buy , read reviews written by other readers just like you to help you decide what to read, check out how many people have bought a particular book and what they thought of it, get recommendations based on the kind of stuff you like to read or justsearch for your favourite author and everything theyve ever written. Lots of the books are free. Lots of the books are only 99 cents. Lots of writers put their books online for free sampling so you can a taste of their work and then get hooked. Even the pricier books at $12.00 are still far cheaper to buy than from a bookstore.

I have just recently fallen in love with E-books. In the last month I have read more books than I did in the three months previous – because Ive been able to get cheap ( sometimes free) books, super fast – downloaded onto my laptop/PC. I used to think that you could only read e-books if you had a Kindle or some other fancy reading device. DUH DERBRAIN! These are the only things you need to start plundering the bottomless depths of the E-book world.

1. A credit card. Or (like me) a debit card.
2. A computer.
3. Preferrably broadband internet.

That’s it. You can go to Amazon.com, download the Kindle reading program for a PC with a free click and then start downloading books right away. It is disgustingly easy. I can exile everyone to bed and then turn on my laptop and be engrossed in a Sophie Kinsella…the latest Norah Roberts…some Jane Austen…maybe check out the newest vampire fiction…just like that! I havent been this excited about technology since i first discovered a rice cooker. (and that was a pretty earthshattering day for me.)

So – if youre a book addict then join me and millions of other people on the dancefloor in the electronic book world. If you’re already onto it – then tell us, what do YOU love about e-books? And what have YOU been reading lately?