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Where mothers fear to tread.

“And this too shall pass away…even Bieber-fever…”

My daughter just turned 13. Which means she’s one step further into that zone where mothers shall fear to tread. It’s called – “I’m a young woman on the brink of adulthood and you don’t know shit.” I used to live in that zone. A scant few years ago…ahem ahem. If I thought she would listen, there’s a few things I would sit down and tell my daughter. Wise mother counsel I would give her, based on times when I thought my mother was clueless and unnecessarily unkind to me all the time. I would tell her,
• Boys are really not worth your time right now. They take light years to catch up to girls in maturity, sensitivity, intellect and responsibility. Some boys will never catch up. (umm hello Tiger Woods?)Wait till you’re say…25 to fall in love. You might strike it lucky by then and find one with brains that match his ego. And his sex drive.
• Girls are mean, shallow, vicious and spiteful. Especially when they’re teenagers. Try hard not to be one of them.
• Pay attention when your mother makes dinner. Because you’re really going to be sorry when you leave home one day and your cooking sucks. You will waste a lot of money calling home to ask her, how do you make pasta sauce? What does ‘cream the butter and sugar’ mean? why does the rice look like this?
• Try harder to get along with your siblings. One day you will work with people you cant stand and going to your room and slamming the door will not be an option. God gave us rotten brothers and sisters for a reason. So we could learn how to endure others successfully. With a smile.
• In 30 years Justin Bieber will be old. Balding. And singing-career-less. But Edward Cullen will still be divinely handsome, rich and alluring. What does this tell you? Only vampires are beautiful and sexy forever. Choose now to value people for the qualities that will never lose their sparkly luster. Like integrity. Kindness. Honor. Courage. Strength. And patience.
• Always remember you are a beautiful, strong, intelligent and blessed woman – no matter what the world (or your mother) tells you.

3 thoughts on “Where mothers fear to tread.”

  1. Ah Wendi, I always enjoy your posts!This is a really good one btw. I agree w/everything here, especially the part about cooking (I so wish I would've paid more attention :/) and the last bullet. That's my favorite b/c I think every woman young or old needs to learn that lesson and live it!Good job,Ninja GirlP.S. It's so cool that you love Graceling!! It was one of my favorite finds, and I still love it

  2. Aw crap, and I just realized I called you Wendy instead of Lani b/c I'm a total dork *headslap*Sorry about that! You can just call me Winja Wirl if you want lol

  3. hiya Winja Wirl! Thanks for the feedback – always great to have you stop by. And yes, with that last bullet point, I think IM still trying to really believe that one for myself, sigh.

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