Why You Shouldnt Ignore Your Husband

When you dont listen to your husband when he tells you NOT to drive his car in Samoa because the radiator needs to be fixed…and then you drive it a lot and smoke pours out of it…and its about to blow up…so you go have a cafe breakfast and wait for it to cool down –
When all that happens, make sure you find two fabulous women in the parking lot and one stops cutting the hedge with a sapelu (bush-knife) so she can open the hood (because uh…you have no idea why the damn car lid is jammed and won’t open) and the other fabulous woman gets the massive bottle of water she carries in HER car for HER radiator emergencies so they can fill up YOUR car. Thus averting a disaster of fiery epic proportions, the most fiery of all being your husband blowing up when you have to tell him you blew up his car because you were fiapoto (a knowitall, wannabe-smarter than anyone) and didn’t listen to him.
This has been a Public Service Announcement for #FiapotoWomen Everywhere who might be tempted not to listen to their very clever partners.

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