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You Must KILL Her.

A long time ago, my great-aunt used to shake her shaky fist and tell me, "You must KILL her. You must fight and work hard and next time you must KILL her. She is nothing. She is from a family of pigs. She must not beat you again." Why? Because I had placed second in… Continue reading You Must KILL Her.

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The BackYard Dealer of Stolen Merchandise

Watch out - Little Son might come after YOUR tent next.There's a lot of debate about "excessive" airport security and to what lengths governments should be allowed to go to "spy" on their citizens in the name of safey and terrorist crackdowns. In my humble housewife opinion, if you aint got nuthin bad to hide - then… Continue reading The BackYard Dealer of Stolen Merchandise

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Why Authors Require Assistants on Book Tours.

I went to Samoa for a four day whirlwind book tour that included school and library visits, a book signing, writing workshop, and more. I took Big Daughter with me. She was my designated "tour assistant." My helper. My photographer and video documenter. My right hand. My bestest buddy. That friendly, smiley, personable young woman who helps… Continue reading Why Authors Require Assistants on Book Tours.