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Are You a Sicko Child-Snatcher?

Little Daughter's school sent home a notice, warning parents about a 'strange white male who tried to¬†entice one of the students into his car while they were walking to school.' They advised parents and students to be extra careful. I'm not too worried because the Hot Man walks Little Daughter to and from school every… Continue reading Are You a Sicko Child-Snatcher?

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He’s Taking Over the World.

I did something stupid and bought Big Son the latest Halo game. I told myself he would finish it in one week and that would be that. Ha. I should have done my research first. Because yes, Big Son finished every level in Halo4 in one week. But then he hooked up with the entire… Continue reading He’s Taking Over the World.

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You Must KILL Her.

A long time ago, my great-aunt used to shake her shaky fist and tell me, "You must KILL her. You must fight and work hard and next time you must KILL her. She is nothing. She is from a family of pigs. She must not beat you again." Why? Because I had placed second in… Continue reading You Must KILL Her.

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What is a Samoan?

                                 Samoans - there's lots of different kinds of us.Something strange happened to Big Son when we moved to New Zealand. Something that involved a lavalava, the siva and 'real' Samoans. Our children have spent their entire lives in Samoa… Continue reading What is a Samoan?

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Six Sleepless Favorites

As 2011 wraps up, it's that time of year when everybody and their donkey's aunt starts compiling lists. Today marks the official anniversary of the Young and Restless Family's move from Samoa to NZ. Daaayuum we made it! One year. Looking back over a year of blogging and more blogging, I realized that this blog… Continue reading Six Sleepless Favorites

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Bad Mothers Run Away

I'm leaving...on a jet plane. Dont know when I'll be back again. Baby, I can't stay...Sometimes I want to run away from my children. Especially after a week like this one when sick children haven't been able to go to school and I've been stuck with them all day. All night. No, they're not sick… Continue reading Bad Mothers Run Away

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I am Old and Have Too Many Children

So does five children.I am really annoyed with Primary school teachers. Why, for the love of snickerdoodles, do teachers have to load up my child with sheetloads of homework every week? Yes, I've read all the studies done on the glorious blessings of giving kids homework. Yes, I want my kid to be a super… Continue reading I am Old and Have Too Many Children