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The BackYard Dealer of Stolen Merchandise

Watch out - Little Son might come after YOUR tent next.There's a lot of debate about "excessive" airport security and to what lengths governments should be allowed to go to "spy" on their citizens in the name of safey and terrorist crackdowns. In my humble housewife opinion, if you aint got nuthin bad to hide - then… Continue reading The BackYard Dealer of Stolen Merchandise

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Why I will Never be a World Famous Best-Selling Author.

See? JK Rowling oozes with calm, elegant, best -selling author sophistication.I have had an epiphany. A revelation of earth-shaking proportions. I will never be a world-famous, internationally best-selling author. Why? Because I am just way too un-cool. I have no calm ,elegant, nonchalant, best-selling sophistication at all. None.I would never be able to catch sight… Continue reading Why I will Never be a World Famous Best-Selling Author.

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My Body is a Wonderland.

WARNING - Do not read this if you are:a. A man. You wouldnt understand any of it.b. Barbie. Get your plastic fantastic self back to the assembly line.c. In a 'Embrace our inner beauty and love yourself' mood. I don't want to hear it. Go read Oprah's blog instead. Or hug a tree. Save an… Continue reading My Body is a Wonderland.

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Barbie and the Blow Up Brothers.

I wanna be a Barbie Doll Girl...Today me and the Fab Five were talking about FRIENDS. Who has too many and who doesnt have enough, that sort of thing. Then Little Son jumped in with his eager little contribution to the conversation. "I have lots of friends! Im the leader of a gang and its… Continue reading Barbie and the Blow Up Brothers.