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‘Im Sexy and I know it’

Good morning 2012,This year, I will set realistic health and fitness goals. I will not be stupid and say “Im going to lose 40 pounds and have washboard abs that are SO amazing that I will be able to replace Ezra Taylor on the cover of my Telesa book.” No. I’m setting goals that can… Continue reading ‘Im Sexy and I know it’

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It’s NOT a ‘happy place’. Why you shouldnt go to the gym.

Mean Matt's Twin BrotherThe other day, someone called the gym their " happy place." I couldnt see how that could be possible. Unless they've started serving Diet Coke and Doritos at the gym. And Ryan Reynolds is doing the serving. So I went to my gym to check.My usual nice personal trainer Steve was on holiday. He had… Continue reading It’s NOT a ‘happy place’. Why you shouldnt go to the gym.

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We are not all created equal.

She may be able to rope a runaway bovine. But this Cowgirl can't dance.I want to start this post with an apology and a disclaimer. For all white women out there who have an amazing sense of rythm, who can dance like JLo on her happiest day, who can shake their bootie and do the… Continue reading We are not all created equal.

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The Gym Journey Begins. With Chocolate Chip Cookies.

My crystal ball future self?So yesterday I joined a gym. Not only that, I paid to have three sessions with a personal trainer - who would gaze into a crystal ball and tell me my future. 'I see a tall, dark, super toned, kickbutt, beautiful woman running towards me. She looks like a light-brown version… Continue reading The Gym Journey Begins. With Chocolate Chip Cookies.