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Why we Write in the First Place. (No, not to get wasted.)

Signing books with Jen Meredith, aka super Hawaii blogger 'Kuaback'.So I'm back. And I'm a little wasted - no not with alcohol -with an overabundance of adrenaline and by an excessive amount of physical and mental exertion. There was a week of different activities planned for the Samoa launch of TELESA and so my trip home was… Continue reading Why we Write in the First Place. (No, not to get wasted.)

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Really Dumb Things Women Do

Some pictures need no explanation. I just want to say, in my defence - I'm 18, at University, and the affordable hair straightener hadn't been invented yet. And how else was I supposed to get hair that looked like this?So, its YOUR turn. What dumb things have YOU done in the name of 'beauty'?! Are you… Continue reading Really Dumb Things Women Do

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I have more bullets left.

Things I wish I'd said. Back then. When I was a timid, mousey, terrified new teacher. (How many of my blog followers remember me from back then ay!?)1. To the Samoa College boys who put condoms on my car windscreen on my very first week of my first teaching job. "I believe these are yours?… Continue reading I have more bullets left.